Kaji Nemu Declared The State Fruit Of Assam

24/FEBRUARY /2024

State fruit of Assam​ 

Agriculture Minister Atul Bora has announced 'Kaji Nemu' (citrus lemon) as the official state fruit of Assam. The declaration was made in the state Assembly, following a cabinet decision.

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What did the minister say? ​

In a recent Cabinet meeting, the 'Kaji Nemu' was approved as the state fruit of Assam. The decision was praised by the attending minister who highlighted the unique qualities of the Kaji Nemu. The fruit is known for its potential to boost immunity and its distinctive flavour.

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What is Kaji  Nemu​

Kaji Nemu, an Assam-based lemon variety, is recognized for its medium-to-large size and distinctive elongated, oblong, elliptic to obovate shape. Renowned for its thin, glossy rind, the Kaji Nemu changes from dark green to a golden yellow upon ripening. 

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GI Tag​

In 2019, Kaji Nemu Lemons from Assam were awarded the Geographical Indication (GI) Tag. This variety was acknowledged for its distinctive growth characteristics, taste, shape, and aroma. Unlike other citrus cultivars produced in India, Kaji Nemu Lemons are exclusively grown in Assam.

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Taste of Kaji Nemu​

Kaji Nemu, renowned for its subtly sweet, sour, and aromatic character, is a versatile ingredient suitable for both fresh and cooked dishes. It's best utilized when sliced and squeezed over a variety of meals such as soups, curries, rice-based dishes, and vegetables. 

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Queen of Citrus Fruits 

Kaji Nemu, often referred to as the 'Queen of all citrus fruits', is known for its medicinal properties, particularly in treating digestive issues. In addition to its consumption, the leaves and oils derived from this fruit are utilized in aromatherapy practices.

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Rich in vitamin C​

Citrus fruits are known to be a potent source of Vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in enhancing the immune system. Consuming these fruits can help ward off various health issues by strengthening the body's natural defences.

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Rich in ​Potassium

It is abundant in potassium. This essential mineral aids in maintaining the balance of bodily fluids.

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Iron content​

A native lemon variety, rich in iron content, aids in the development of hemoglobin, a protein responsible for oxygen transport in the bloodstream.

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Rich in fiber ​

It is also rich in fibre, which aids in regulating the digestive tract and  enhancing gut health.

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