Know About Chandrayaan 3

15/JULY /2023

Chandrayaan 3

India's 3rd lunar exploration mission set for launch at 2:35 pm on Friday

‘Fat boy' LVM 3 

Mission will take-off on the 4th operation mission of LVM 3 rocket, fondly called as fatboy by ISRO scientist

Chandrayaan-3 composition 

Chandrayaan-3 consists of 3 modules: Propulsion, lander and rover

How much it weighs? 

The spacecraft will weigh 3900 kg: propulsion module-2148 kg, lander including rover-1752 kg


Its predecessor failed to make a smooth landing , other aspects of the mission were successful

What's different  this time? 

One difference is that the landing will be tracked from ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (Istrac)

Chandrayaan-3 objectives 

Demonstrate safe landing, rover operations on the moon. Conduct in-situ experiments on the lunar surface

Vikram lander 

Carry 4 payloads: 1st will study moonquakes, 2nd will study heat flow, 3rd will focus on plasma environment, 4th will measure Earth-Moon distance