Know the Benefits of Toner BTS' J-Hope Applies Everyday

21/  MARCH  /2023


BTS member J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok is someone who follows a proper skincare routine everyday.


From using cleanser, toner, essence, moisturizer, face musk, and more, he tries to keep his skin protected. 


One of his skincare routine essentials is 'toner'. J Hope uses a cotton pad to apply it twice a day. 


Toner helps in keeping our skin hydrated and fresh. Using it will clean your face even further. 

Hydrates your skin 

To provide long-lasting effects, many toners also contain additional hydrating ingredients. 

Removes oil 

Using a toner will help in the removal of excess dirt and oil that is still left on the skin after cleansing. 

Soothes the skin

Massaging toner with the use of a cotton pad on your skin will give it a calm and soothing sensation.

Reduces Pores

Toning results in a  smaller-looking pores, which makes for a smoother, cleaner finish when applying makeup. 

Which toner? 

It is always advised to do your research and go for a product best suited for your skin. Natural products  are better.