Latest Fee Structure of IIITs in India 

01/ MAY  /2023

IIIT Delhi

When embarking on the path to best education in the field of technology and engineering, IIIT Delhi is highly preferred. Its fee in each semester is  Rs 1,05,000.

IIIT Agartala 

IIIT Agartala is another top ranked institute of engineering and technology charging a semester wise fee of  Rs 10,0000

IIIT Bangalore

IIIT Bangalore is a prestigious institute offering a wide range of courses. The total fee structure per semester is around Rs 75,000.

IIIT Jabalpur  

Since its inception, the institute has earned a good reputation among students. Per IIIT fee structure in 2022, students need to spend around Rs 28,500 per semester.

IIIT Allahabad

Another top ranked institute is IIIT Allahabad imparting quality education to students. Its latest fee in each semester is Rs 51,500.

IIIT Chittoor

As per 2022 data, IIIT Chittoor charges an admission fee in a 4 year degree course of around Rs 35,000.

IIIT Vadodara 

Aspirants looking for best faculty and quality education can definitely choose IIIT Vadodara. The latest fee is around Rs 56,000 per semester.

IIIT Gwalior  

As per latest fee structure, IIIT Gwalior students have to pay hosteller fee of Rs 77,500 and day scholar fee of around Rs 17,000.

IIIT Kota  

Candidates who wish to join the popular and reputable IIIT Kota have to spend around  Rs 36,000 in each semester.

IIIT Lucknow 

IIIT Lucknow has gained enough prominence of being top IIIT in India. The tuition fee in each semester will be  Rs 67,000.

IIIT Manipur  

To get admission in the prestigious IIIT Manipur, students are required to pay course fee in each semester around Rs 60,400.

IIIT Nagpur 

For those intended to join IIIT Nagpur can expect a fee structure of Rs 59,000. Hostel accommodation and other charges will also be the part of the fee. 

IIIT Ranchi 

Another top institute of technology and engineering is IIIT Ranchi. Students have to pay an amount of Rs 85,000 in each semester.

IIIT Pune  

To get admission in IIIT Pune, students need to pay a high amount which is somewhere around Rs 80,850.

IIIT Dharwad  

In IIIT Dharwad, students aspiring to join any engineering and technology full time course have to pay around Rs 83,000.