LGBTQA+ Friendly Countries

25/ APRIL  /2023


It’s the first country in the European Union to guarantee equal rights, prohibit conversion therapy, and give freedom to LGBTQI+ citizens to live in a safe environment. Definitely, Malta is building a safe and secure society for the LGBTQ community. 


Belgium has emerged as one of the leading countries for the protection of LGBT rights in the European Union, right after Malta. It has a progressive anti-discrimination legislation for the LGBTQA+ community in place. 


It was the first country in the world to legalise same-sex unions in 1989 via registered partnerships, and evolved into a progressive and LGBTQ-friendly nation. 


Canada is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly countries to live in, where multiple venues, bars, and events are aimed at the LGBTQ community to explore. 


Often referred to as one of the world’s most gay-friendly countries, Iceland has in place liberal LGBTQ rights by legalising same sex, ensuring equal access to adoption and IVF treatment for same-sex couples, and more. 


France, Paris in particular, has an incredibly active LGBTQ community, and where same-sex marriage was legalised in 2013; authorities also de-listed transgender identification as a mental illness.


The government in Finland recognized homosexuality in 1971; 10 years later, it was also removed as a registered illness from government records. 

The Netherlands 

The Netherlands became the world’s first country in 2001 to legalise same-sex marriage, with more than 90% of the Dutch population  supporting it. 


Apart from its rich history and culture, Spain is also hailed as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, and has anti-discrimination policies and laws in place. 


Norway is one of the safest countries for LGBTQA+ to live in. Interestingly, it was as early as 1981,when Norway started to pass anti-discrimination laws to protect the rights of LGBTQ community.