Malaika Arora’s Impeccable European Summer Elegance

09  October /2022

We strongly prescribe turning the Europe section to Mailaika Arora for some stunning occasion style

Sunglass is a must in light of the fact that by what other means might you at any point challenge the sun in style? 

Brilliantly shaded dresses are a print party like no other

Co-ord sets are a late spring staple that Malaika Arora knows unequivocally how to capitalize on

She added her own shade of red in the background of Cappadocia like it is no one’s business

French stylist and fries all look perfect on Malaika Arora in the comfiest outfit

Surprisingly, better when they’re through the eyes of Arjun Kapoor and his shades Summer excursions or not

Malaika Arora’s European style is the energy we’ll live with