Mangalyaan-2 Mission: Know All About The Payloads And Their Task

30/OCTOBER /2023

ISRO is now preparing for the Mangalyaan-2 mission, the second Mars orbiter mission, with four crucial payloads. Know all about them and  their tasks.

ISRO is now developing the payloads for the Mangalyaan-2 mission after 9 years of its first Mars mission, the Hindustan Times reported, quoting an official.

The first Mars mission aimed to enter the orbit of the red planet and after various hurdles and efforts the mission was successful.

Now, the second Mars Orbiter Mission has greater objectives that will unravel the mysteries of Mars’s atmosphere.

According to reports, the ISRO’s Mangalyaan-2 mission will consist of four payloads which will conduct various studies on Mars. The four payloads have been named MODEX, RO, EIS, and LPEX.

The MODEX payload stands for Mars Orbit Dust Experiment which will study the origin, abundance, distribution and flux at high  altitudes on Mar

The RO payload is the Radio Occultation experiment which will be designed to measure neutral and electron density profiles.

The third payload is an Energetic Ion Spectrometer (EIS) that will study the solar energy particles and  supra-thermal solar wind particles of Mars.

The last payload is a Langmuir Probe and an Electric Field Experiment (LPEX) which will measure the electron number density, electron temperature and electric field waves.

More about the Mangalyaan-2 mission will be disclosed by ISRO. So far the space agency has not shared anything about the mission.

We hope that ISRO will soon be sharing the details mission and its objectives.