Avoid such mistakes in your kid's homework

31/JULY /2023

Doing Homework for Them 

Parents completing their child's homework deny the chance to learn independently.


Give children space for independent homework but be available to help if necessary. Avoid unnecessary pressure.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations 

Avoid expecting perfection from children in every subject. Acknowledge efforts and progress instead.

Creating Rigid Schedule 

Balance structure and flexibility in homework schedules. Consider a child's productivity rhythm and allow breaks when needed.

Ignoring Learning Differences 

Recognize diverse learning styles and cater to individual needs.

Using Punishment 

Avoid using punishment for unfinished homework; focus on motivation and encouragement. 

Overloading Extracurricular Activities 

Balance after-school commitments to allow sufficient time for homework and rest. Prevent stress and burnout. 


Avoid comparing children to peers; prioritize individual progress and self-esteem.

Not Communicating with Teachers 

Maintain open communication with your child's teachers to track progress and identify areas for improvement. Teamwork benefits the child's education. 

Not Promoting Positive Attitude 

Parents' negative attitudes towards homework or certain subjects may influence children to adopt a  similar outlook