Monsoon Magic: 7 Herbal Leaves To Enjoy For Good Health 

17/AUGUST /2023

The onset of the monsoon season is a reminder to take advantage of the health benefits of herbal leaves. Learn how these time-honored treatments might enhance your monsoon enjoyment. 


Tulsi leaves are used to treat a variety of health problems, including respiratory infections and general weakness. 


Giloy leaves are beneficial during monsoon due to their immunity-boosting properties, helping to prevent various infections and illnesses. 

Neem Leaves 

The antibacterial qualities of neem leaves make them useful for warding off skin infections and other ailments. 

Mint Leaves 

Mint leaves are a great addition to recipes since they are energising, aid with digestion, and reduce inflammation. 

Curry Leaves 

The antioxidant properties of curry leaves make them useful for cleansing the body and promoting healthy hair  and skin. 

Betel Leaves 

Betel leaves are thought to help digestion and lessen the severity of coughs and colds due to their therapeutic characteristics. 

Harsringar Leaves 

During the monsoon, you can find relief from conditions like Dengue, Chikunngunya, Malaria, and Arthritis with the use of Harsringar leaves.It also has the ability to fight off diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi because to its antimicrobial qualities. 


Arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory disorders can all benefit from Brahmi's anti-inflammatory properties. It's useful during the monsoon since it helps alleviate Gastritis and stomach ulcers.