Most Beautiful Hill Stations In Meghalaya! 

14/ APRIL  /2023


Mawsynram is a small village in Meghalaya's East Khasi Hills. Mawsynram follows Cherrapunjee in the Guinness Book of World Records for heavy rainfall. 


This West Garo Hills city is Meghalaya's largest. Visit Tura's Nokrek National Park to see leopards, golden cats, wild buffalo, pheasants, and other animals. 


Shillong is one of the best places to visit during the summer. It got its name from a statue called "Lei Shyllong" that was worshipped at Shillong Peak. 


This hill station, part of Khasi Hills, offers breathtaking views and calm tranquility. It's Meghalaya's most beautiful spot. 


It is 50 km from Shillong. Locally called Sohra. Its foggy landscape and lovely green trails are worth exploring. 


Tribal groups of Northeast India have lived in Jowai. Its culture and abundant nature make it a great summer vacation spot. 


Dawki's Umngot river is a popular tourist destination. The cool river at Eastern Shillong Peak, 1,800 m above sea level, is a delight. 


Discovery India named it Asia's cleanest village in 2003 for its cleanliness. It's called "God's own Garden" for its splendor. 

Garo Hills

The best thing about the Garo hills is that you can enjoy the view of the waterfalls and walk through the thick canopies of the hilly area. 


It is 280 km from Shillong in southern Meghalaya. Elephants, birds, and langurs occupy in it's Baghmara Reserve Forest. This hillside marvel is famous for Siju Cave.