Most Expensive Flowers Of The World

09/SEPTEMBER /2023

Kadupul Flower (Priceless) 

It is a rare and elusive flower that blooms only at night and dies by sunrise. It is found in the Knuckles Mountain Range of  Sri Lanka.

Juliet Rose (USD 15.8 million) 

This rose was developed by British rose breeder David Austin over a period of 15 years. It is a deep pink rose with a sweet fragrance. The Juliet Rose was sold for USD 15.8 million at a charity auction in 2006

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid (USD 200,000) 

This orchid is a hybrid that was developed by Chinese scientists over a period of 8 years. It is a white orchid with purple spots.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid (USD  6,000) 

This orchid is found in the Mount Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. It is a rare and endangered orchid that is yellow with orange spots.

Saffron Crocus (USD 1,500 per pound) 

This flower is not particularly rare, but it is very expensive because its stamens are used to make saffron, the most expensive spice in the world.

Tulip Bulbs (USD 5,100 in the 11th century) 

Tulip bulbs were once so valuable that they were traded like currency. In the 17th century, a single tulip bulb could be worth more than a house.

Lily of the Valley (USD 15-50 per bundle) 

This flower is known for its sweet fragrance and delicate white bells. It is poisonous if ingested, but it is often used in floral arrangements.

Gloriosa (USD 6-10 per flower) 

This flower is native to Africa and Asia. It is known for its bright colors and trumpet-shaped flowers. The Gloriosa is poisonous, so it should not be ingested.

Hydrangea (USD 6.5 per stem) 

This flower is known for its large, colorful blooms. It is a popular choice for gardens and bouquets.

Blue Rose (USD 200-300 per flower) 

The blue rose is a rare and cultivated flower. It is not naturally occurring, but it has been bred by horticulturists.