Nipah Virus:  10 Symptoms to Know Apart From Fever

17/SEPTEMBER /2023

Nipah virus has claimed two lives in Kerala and infected few others as well. Here are few symptoms to watch  put for.

Shortness of breath: One may have breathing difficulties when infected with  Nipah virus.

Cough: This zoonotic virus affects the respiratory system and prolonged coughing can be a warning sign.

Sore throat: Like any other virus, cold, sore throat start to appear in phase 1 of the infection

Headache: It is one of the first signs that show once a person  is infected.

Muscle pain: Also called myalgia, is one the most common symptom of this zoonotic virus

Brain swelling: Fatal encephalitis-inflammation in brain-is a major symptoms of Nipah virus 

Disorientation: As the stage get severe, a person may feel drowsy, or confused.

Nausea or vomiting is also a sign that appears during the initial stage of the infection

Respiratory problems: The virus targets the respiratory system, lungs that may cause breathing issues, asthma and other acute respiratory problems.

Seizures, coma and other neurological issues also start to appears as the stage of infection advances.

Pneumonia: Atypical pneumonia is another symptom of Nipah viru