26 JANUARY /2023

Pathaan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan Steals The Show And How


The wait is over! Shah Rukh Khan is back with a bang after a four-year absence. His power-packed film, Pathaan, was released today in theatres.


The film has a stellar star cast, including Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, And John Abraham,  Dimple Kapadia and  Ashutosh Rana.


The protagonist of Pathaan is a dedicated agent who works for the country. The story revolves around General Qadir of Pakistan (Manish Wadhwa), who is furious about the Indian government’s decision to repeal Article 370 and plans to get vengeance in 2019.


Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is a spy-thriller movie!

Sha Rukh’s acting

Shah Rukh has a really dapper appearance, and his performances are delightful to see. His wiy, style, and action raise the appeal of the movie on many levels.

Deepika’s performance

Deepika Padukone gives a terrific performance. She looks stunning and spellbinds us with her acting!

John Abraham

An excellent pick for the intimidating and dashing villain is John Abraham. His first-half screen time is sparse, but during the intermission, he makes up for it.


The technical side of Pathaan is also quite strong. The top drawer belongs to Satchith Paulose’s cinematography. The film’s editor, Aarif Sheikh, gives it a fast pace that removes any opportunity for slow spots!


The most striking thing about Pathaan is that it is a masal entertainer at heart. It has the guts to push beyond the bounds of a massy film and deliver incisive, thought-provoking moments.