Picnic Spots In Guwahati

18 DECEMBER /2022


Ukiam, a part of Kamrup Rural, is situated on the boundary between Assam and Meghalaya. It is around 56 km away from Jalukbari. It's close to Chaygaon. 


The sandy riverbank of Chanaka is a well-known spot for having scenic viewpoints, nature camps, and picnic spots. There are numerous resorts and eco-retreats for your entertainment.


If you travel via Chandrapur Road, the Tapoban picnic spot is only 31.7 km from Guwahati. It is one of the most common and old picnic spots due to the availability of ample parking space and water. 


Hohuwa is an impressive picnic spot with scenic waterfalls and a rocky landscape. It lies approximately 80 kilometers away from Zoo Tiniali. The locals are very kind, and you will not regret choosing this location for your weekend getaway. 

Tegheria waterfalls

Tegheria Falls is a photographer's and hiker's paradise due to its scenic setting among towering cliffs and verdant vegetation.


Chanaka is a popular picnic spot near Guwahati. People usually go there to enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, walking  tours, learning about  culture, and so on.

Deepor Beel

Deepor Beel is one of the go-to locations for picnickers in Guwahati who do not wish to travel too far from the main town. It is a perfect place for you if you love bird-watching, boating, experiencing local culture, etc. 

Chandubi Lake

This beautiful Chandubi lake at the base of the Garo Hills, about 55 km from Guwahati, is an excellent place for a picnic. The natural blue lagoon adds to the area's already stunning scenery. 


Hatisila is named after the elephant-snout-shaped rock on an adjacent hill seen at the location. Since it is a common picnic spot for the people of Guwahati, it is better to avoid it during the peak season as it gets super-crowded. 


Bogamati is a wonderful place to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, you must also remember that it is located near dense forests. It is best not to stay there after dark.