Plants That Help Keep Mosquitos Away

04/ MAY  /2023


Citronella mosquito repellent plant, officially known as the Citrosum plants help repel mosquitoes. It grows like a grass and is 5 to 6 feet tall. It can be planted in the ground or can be kept in large pots.


This plant is a genus of shrubs and trees and the oil extracted from this tree has natural properties to repel the mosquitoes, naturally, when planted in the garden.  

Lemon Balm​

This plant also known as Horsemint has an aromatic scent that wards off mosquitoes. This plant grows rapidly so you should consider planting it in a pot rather than your yard to avoid a lemon balm invasion in your garden.  


Marigolds carry Pyrethrum which is a compound which is used in several insect repellents. You can place potted marigolds near doors, windows to prevent mosquitos from entering your house. 


Sage belongs to the mint family and has grayish-green leaves along with woody stems. The leaves of this herbaceous plant have a powerful aroma and also produce oils that help repel mosquitoes. 


Basil plant is an excellent natural mosquito repellent, which can be grown in your garden to keep mosquitoes away.  


Catnip is considered as one of the best plants that keep mosquitoes away as it contains a natural chemical called Nepetalactone, which acts as an insect repellent as well as feline attractant.  


Peppermint’s minty clean smell acts as a natural insecticide which can be used to repel mosquitoes. Crush a few leaves from the plant to release scents and oils to keep the mosquitos away.


Lavender not only offers an aromatic fragrance but is one of the many plants that repel mosquitoes. The pleasant aroma of lavender is dreadful to mosquitoes and is best utilized by planting it in the garden, or in pots near doors and windows.


This beautiful plant is also an excellent mosquito repellent too apart from being used for cooking. You can keep it indoors or outside, and just ensure that it gets full sun.