Shillong Is Prettiest This Time Of Year; Here’s Proof

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Spectacular Shillong

The capital city of Meghalaya is one of the prettiest places in northeast India. Shillong is beautiful throughout the year, but come autumn/ winter, the city becomes so colourful with cherry blossoms, clear blue sky and wildflowers everywhere. 

Mild temperature 

Shillong’s biting cold winter days are yet to come so right now, enjoy the best of the mild autumn. Daytime is sunny and pleasant, perfect for outings. 

Scenic Shillong 

The city is usually surrounded by lush greenery but come autumn, the jacarandas, cherry and peach blossoms are simply everywhere.

Clear blue skies

Autumn in Shillong is all about clear and blue skies, making it perfect for sightseeing. 

Crisp and clean air 

Shillong’s AQI is usually between 35-70, meaning cleaner air than most Indian cities. This time of year, the air is also fresh and crisp. 

Best sunset scenes 

Shillong has some of the best sunset scenes. The skies turn into the most vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow and pink as evening approaches. 

Photographer's delight 

Shillong in autumn is a photographer’s delight. For those who are into street photography, there’s no dearth of subjects. 

Bountiful harvest 

This is after all the harvest is done, so expect the markets to have all kinds of fresh produce. Fruits are abundant too.