Side Effects Of Air Conditioning (AC) On Health

04 / JULY  /2023

Dry Eye

Air conditioner removes excessive moisture from the air, which could lead to dry air and that could cause your eyes to become irritated. 


Air conditioning removes too much moisture from the air, it could cause the air to become extremely dry, and that could lead to dehydration. 


It keeps stale recirculating air, and when you do not get exposed to fresh air for a long period of time, it could lead to that feeling of becoming  easily tired. 

Dry Or Itchy Skin

If you remain in an air-conditioned space for long hours and follow it up by remaining outside in the sun, you could quickly develop dry and itchy skin 


You might already be feeling dizzy due to dehydration, and when dehydration is combined with the noise produced by air-conditioners, it could lead to severe headaches 

Respiratory Issue

Due to the circulation of state air inside an air-conditioned space, people inside that enclosed space could suffer from a variety of  respiratory issues. 

Allergies and Asthma 

Technological advances have made modern air-conditioners extremely quiet, but there are many people who still use old window air conditioners that produced a lot of noise.

Noise Pollution 

There have been many such cases where people have been infected by viruses and harmful bacteria spread in building through the air conditioning system. 

Infectious Disease

If people inside an enclosed air-conditioned space already suffer from allergies and asthma, air conditioning could make things worse for them. 

Indoor Pollutant

Suppose an air-conditioned space isn’t properly ventilated. In that case, it could lead to the circulation of contaminants and pollutants in the enclosed space leading to a variety of diseases and other such issues.