Smallest dog breeds


This breed is regarded as the smallest breed in the world with an average height of 5-8 inches. This territorial breed is a great family dog.

Shih Tzu

These Asian breed dogs measure 9-10.5 inches in average height. They are friendly house dogs that are known to be clingy, alert and intelligent.


Pomeranians are great companion dogs that crave attention. Their average height ranges from 5-8 inches.


These dogs were originally bred by the Shang Dynasty in 300 BC to be lap dogs. Their average height is 10-13 inches.


A long fur coat is a peculiar feature of these dogs. They originated in south-central Europe from spitz- type dogs. Their height ranges from 8-10 inches.


These tiny dogs are called butterfly dogs due to the size of their ears. They measure 8-11 inches in average height.


This breed is the national dog of Cuba. They are categorized as a toy breed with an average height of 8.5-12.5 inches.

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