South Indian Places That Are Just Perfect In March


Munnar, Kerala

Immerse yourself in the verdant beauty of Munnar in March, where ideal weather conditions invite exploration through trekking, nature walks, and other outdoor activities.

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Bask in the dry and breezy days of March in Pondicherry, the perfect time to explore the French Quarter, unwind on pristine beaches, or embrace the thrill of water  sports.

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Ooty, Tamil Nadu 

As the tourist season kicks off in March, Ooty welcomes you with its delightful weather. Explore the vibrant Botanical Gardens, enjoy a serene boat ride on the picturesque Ooty Lake, or embark on a scenic journey on the Nilgiri  Mountain Railway.

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Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi's ancient ruins come alive in March, offering an ideal escape with comfortable weather. Explore magnificent temples and embark on adventures amidst the captivating boulder-strewn landscapes.

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Kodaikanal,  Tamil Nadu 

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty by exploring the region through diverse activities. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the lake, embark on a challenging trek in the surrounding hills, or discover the captivating attractions like Coaker's Walk and Pillar Rock

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Coorg, Karnataka 

Witness the captivating spectacle of Coorg in March, when coffee plantations transform into a sea of white blossoms. Beyond this visual treat, the region beckons with cascading waterfalls, thrilling treks, and diverse adventure activities.

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Kumarakom,  Kerala 

In March, Kumarakom beckons with its tranquil backwaters, offering a peaceful escape. Immerse yourself in the serenity by staying on a houseboat, exploring the diverse bird sanctuary, and soaking in the captivating beauty of the surrounding waters.

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