The skincare schedule of BTS star RM 

12  NOVEMBER /2022

RM’s Recommendations 

The BTS star, who rarely talks about his own skincare routine, always advices fans to find out their skin type before trying any products. 

Moisturising Product

Since he has dry skin, RM tries to keep his skin hydrated and moisturised at all times! From lotions to sheet masks, the rapper uses a variety of products.

#Tip 1: Therapy Cream 

Seen in many pics, the therapy cream is probably his favourite moisturising product! The smooth cream helps restore the health of the skin and reduces dryness. 

#Tip 2: Baby Lotion 

Yes, baby lotion! While Joon has been seen using different types of baby lotion, he especially loves the one that helps manage sensitive, acne and eczema-prone skin. 

#Tip 3: Moisturizer 

RM has always shown his love for moisturizers since they help reduce skin damage and keep it hydrated. 

#Tip 4: Essence 

The rapper credits essences as the reason he has smooth skin! Don’t know what those are? Essences are k-beauty staple that help reduce fine lines and hydrate the skin. 

#Tip 5: Sunscreen 

A Bangtan essential! Every single member uses sunscreen while heading outdoors and RM is no different.

#Tip 6: Lip Balm 

Saying RM has a huge lip balm collection would be an understatement! Be it affordable or luxurious, he’s tried them all. 

#Tip 7: Sheet Mask

RM revealed that his favourite skincare product are sheet masks. Perfect for tightening pores and hydrating the skin, he loves to use them after a long day at work.