Top 10 Biggest Flying Birds on Earth

31 July /2022

Kori Bustard is the second largest flying bird found Africa and four species are found in India and Australia.

Kori Bustard

The scavenger condor is one of the largest flying birds in the world, found in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Andean Condor

Dalmatian Pelican is the biggest member of pelican family, breeds in swamps and shallow lakes of India and Europe.

Dalmatian Pelican

Non-migratory bird is listed as vulnerable and is amongst the heaviest cranes, mainly distributed in the lowland

Sarus Crane

Harpy Eagle is the largest and most powerful bird of prey in the world, inhabiting tropical lowland rainforests.

Harpy Eagle

Great Indian Hornbill is the larger member of the hornbill family, found in the forests of India and Southeast Asia.

Great Hornbill

Secretary Bird is a very large raptor or bird of prey, found in sub-Saharan region of Africa in grasslands and savannah.

Secretary Bird

The Philippine eagle is also known as the monkey-eating bird and most powerful eagle of the world.

Philippine Eagle

Documented as the world's largest species of owl by length. It is distributed across the Northern Hemisphere

Great Grey Owl

Cinereous vulture or Eurasian Black Vulture is one of the two largest Old World vultures,found in Eurasia.

Cinereous Vulture