Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds In The World

02/SEPTEMBER /2023

Maine Coon 

Main Coons are one of the largest cat breeds with a broad chest, wide-set legs and a long body. 


This breed is known for being outgoing and friendly. 


Bengal cats are spotted and marbled felines that are extremely athletic. 


Birman is a breed known for intelligence, curiosity and bravery. 

British Shorthair 

These are sassy cats that are not fans of being picked up. 


These laid-back adorable cats are well known for their cute expressions and affectionate nature.


Ragdolls are blue-eyed felines with massive wedge shaped-heads. 

Scottish Fold

These felines have roundish bodies, short legs, and tiny ears. 


Large pointy ears and glossy coats are peculiar to these cats. 

Russian Blue 

This breed prefers to have a routined life. Change can be a problem for  these cats.