Top 10 Dystopian Korean Drama

28/JULY /2023

Squid Game

The highly popular dystopian K-drama Squid Game has been renewed for season 2, featuring the return of the Front Man and Gi Hun, with the possible addition of Gong Yoo, along with new characters 

Sweet Home

The action-packed show features a world where humans transform into monsters, with Song Kang leading the cast in a  post-apocalyptic adventure


The dark fantasy drama Hellbound explores a world where sinners are dragged to hell, with a new season expected to address unresolved questions and feature a yet-to-be-announced cast 

All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead follows high school students trapped in a zombie apocalypse, with a new season confirmed and expected cast reprisals 


This globally renowned web series blends zombie horror and political thriller set in the 16th century. It received a second season and a special side-sequel episode called "Ashin of the North" with Jun Ji Hyun 

Black Knight

In a post-apocalyptic Seoul, couriers called "black knights" clandestinely provide essential supplies to the marginalized outcasts of society 

The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea breaks conventions by delivering a captivating story set in a water-scarce  post-apocalyptic future, where a team embarks on a lunar mission 


In a post-apocalyptic future, the film "Jung_E" delves into the exploration of human emotions and identity through an AI clone's self-discovery journey 

Time To Hunt

In a financially devastated future, Time to Hunt depicts a group of friends attempting a daring heist to escape their desperate circumstances 

Space Sweeper

Space Sweepers is a near-future sci-fi film where a group of misfits clean space debris, blending comedy with themes of climate crisis and human nature