Top 10 Most Fragrant Flowers In The World

02/NOVEMBER /2023

Gardenia Jasminoide

A long-blooming evergreen shrub with lovely summertime white flowers is popular for its delicate creamy fragrance.

Lily of the Valley

These bell-like flowers bloom in spring and are famous for their extraordinary fragrance.

Stargazer Lily

The aromatic lilies grow best in partial shade, it looks like they are gazing at stars at night.


The unbelievably sweet fragrance of these small flowers opens in white and yellowish colours in summertime.

Chocolate Cosmos

With its sweet vanilla-like smell, these beautiful flowers bloom in  reddish-brown colours. 

Four o’clock

Wondering why they have such a unique name? The reason is that it starts to bloom in the late afternoon and continues through the night. 

Sweet Pea

A three-hundred-year-old flower, it grows in different combinations of pink, white and yellow. 


The queen of flowers, the Rose has undeniable beauty and irresistible fragrance.


This flower is famous for its beautiful scent, used in making essential oils and Hawaiian garlands.


A South African species, these flowers have the most charming, fruity scent that is so light yet so pleasing.