Top 10 Safest Countries In The World

13/NOVEMBER /2023

In a world that sometimes seems fraught with uncertainty, the idea of seeking out the safest countries can be alluring. Whether you're planning a vacation, considering a move, or simply curious, the quest for safety is a universal concern. Luckily, the Global Peace Index provides valuable insights into the world's safest nations. 

Iceland - A Pinnacle of Safety

For an astounding 14 consecutive years, Iceland has claimed the title of the world's safest country. This Nordic nation, with a population of around 340,000, boasts an incredibly low level of crime.  

New Zealand - A Safe Haven with a Scenic Backdrop 

New Zealand secures the second spot on the list of the world's safest countries. Like Iceland, New Zealand boasts a very low crime rate, particularly regarding violent crimes. While petty theft is a concern in tourist-heavy areas (as is the case globally), overall risks are minimal.  

Ireland - A Rapid Ascent to Safety 

In 2021, Ireland notably improved its peace index rankings, soaring from the 11th to the 3rd position in 2022. Although crime rates are generally low in Ireland, it's wise to remain vigilant in certain city neighborhoods, as in any part of the world.  

Denmark - A Haven of Equality

Denmark claims the 4th spot in the 2022 Global Peace Index, firmly establishing itself as one of the safest and happiest countries worldwide. Denmark is unique in that it's one of the few places where people feel safe at any time of the day or night, including children.  

Austria - A Hub of Serenity 

Austria takes the fifth spot on the Global Peace Index for 2022. The country is generally peaceful, with rare occurrences of violent demonstrations during  social unrest.  

Portugal - A Surging  Star in Safety 

Portugal ranks sixth in the most peaceful countries for 2022. Despite having armed police, Portugal's crime rate has decreased thanks to increased police presence.  

Slovenia - A Gem in Eastern Europe 

Slovenia, a former Yugoslavian constituent, impresses with high safety ratings in travel security, medical risks, and road safety. The country's transition to democracy in the mid-1990s paved the way for advancements in various areas, including safety and sustainability.

Czech Republic - Steady Decrease  in Crime 

Over the years, the Czech Republic has seen a steady decrease in crime rates, particularly in violent crimes. The country maintains low incidences of terrorism and natural disasters.  

Singapore - A  City-State of Safety 

Singapore takes the ninth spot on the Global Peace Index for 2022. Singaporean residents report the highest sense of personal security, with more positive experiences involving law enforcement than residents of any other country, according to a Gallup report from 2018.  

Japan - A Legacy  of Safety

Japan secures the tenth position on the 2022 Global Peace Index, continuing its impressive streak of being in the top ten for 14 years. Japan is lauded for its low crime rates, minimal internal conflict, and rare  political unrest.