Top 12 Monsoon Destinations  In India 

10/ APRIL / 2024


The tea plantations of Munnar, rich in greenery, present a captivating sight during the monsoon season. The hills, shrouded in mist, along with the flowing Athirapally Falls, add to the scenic beauty of the region.

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Coorg, often referred to as the 'Scotland of India,' presents an ideal monsoon retreat with its lush coffee plantations, cascading streams, and  foggy vistas. 

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Rajasthan, typically recognized for its barren desert terrains, transforms into a sight to behold during the monsoon. Udaipur, one of its cities, shines with its shimmering lakes and  historic palaces. 

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Known as the 'Scotland of the East', Shillong undergoes an enchanting transformation during the monsoon season. The city, already renowned for its stunning landscapes, becomes a captivating haven due to the heavy rainfall  it receives.

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Monsoon in Goa presents a unique allure as the beaches become less crowded, the backwaters more serene, and the greenery more lush.  

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Experience the tranquillity of Alleppey's backwaters during the monsoon season. The city offers houseboat cruises, paddy fields, and verdant coconut groves, making it a scenic destination.  

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Kodaikanal, often referred to as the 'Princess of Hill Stations,' boasts of mist-covered valleys, captivating waterfalls, and tranquil lakes. The beauty of these natural wonders is amplified during the monsoon season. 

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Cherrapunji, recognised as one of Earth's rainiest locations, experiences intense rainfall. This frequent precipitation results in verdant landscapes and a multitude of cascading waterfalls. 

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Nestled in the northeastern Himalayas, Tawang displays mesmerising views. The Tawang Monastery, high-altitude lakes, and captivating landscapes in the monsoon season are among the major attractions.

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Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the sole hill station in Rajasthan, offers a refreshing escape during the monsoon season. Its cool weather, abundant greenery, and breathtaking sunsets make it an ideal getaway.

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Nainital, a renowned monsoon destination, is known for its moderate rainfall and tranquil atmosphere. The region is adorned with picturesque lakes and verdant mountains offering an appealing retreat. 

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The region, known for yaks and yamas, turns into an ideal destination during the rains. Its unique beauty and dry climate make it an attractive spot for those who are in pursuit of high passes. 

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