Vastu Benefits Of Aparajita Plant

11/SEPTEMBER /2023

Aparajita Plant Benefits According to Vastu 

Using Vastu principles, the Aparajita plant offers numerous benefits. 

Benefit 1: Dispelling Negative Energy

An Aparajita plant is believed to eliminate negative energy and create a more positive environment. 

Benefit 2: Attracting Wealth Benefit

Vastu believes the Aparajita plant enhances wealth, aligning with diligent efforts for success. 

Benefit 3: Enhancing Intelligence

Home plants such as Aparajita can enhance the intelligence of family members, promoting sharper thinking and greater perception. 

Benefit 4: Alleviating Shani Dosh

It is believed that the Aparajita plant mitigates the effects of Shani Dosh, thereby reducing the challenges related to business and health.

Auspicious Direction

An Aparajita planted in the north, east, or northeast direction is considered auspicious, symbolising divine initiation. 

Door Placement

Aparajita plants are believed to attract auspicious energies when placed near the main door on the right side.

Auspicious Days for Planting

The Aparajita is believed to bring wealth and prosperity when planted on Thursdays (dedicated to Lord Vishnu) or Fridays (dedicated to Lord Lakshmi). 

Embrace the Aparajita Plant's Benefit

For a more harmonious and prosperous living space, you can utilise Vastu wisdom and harness Aparajita's positive energies.