Vastu Tips To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

14/ MAY  /2023

Keep Your Home’s Entrance Clean​

Apart from keeping the negative energies away, this tip also leads in creating a great first impression on your guests. Therefore, it should be ensured that the entrance of your home is cleaned regularly. 

Colour the room walls with yellow colour​

Color plays a very crucial role in order to eliminate negative energy. Yellow is one such color that keeps away all kinds of bad energy. This yellow color always helps in making your room look larger in space and adds an element of friendly tone to your room from the perspective of interior design. 

Remove unusual artefacts and paintings​

Negative energies intensify if there is any picture depicting rivalry among members of the family or the kind of paintings which depict grief. Artefacts such as the Taj Mahal or weird sculptures could be even adding to the negative energy at home.  

Removing sharp corners in your home​

One of the key rules that Vastu shastra carries is to eliminate any kind of sharp edges or angles your home consists of. 

Try Airing Everything Out​

The first step in clearing negative energy from you house is to get rid of the harmful air in our homes. The best way is to have enabling ventilation in your homes by opening windows that help in drafting the air that is entering, keeping the window open even on windy days. 

Add mirrors​

Adding more mirrors to you home is the simple and easiest way to remove negative energy from your house. Placing multiple mirrors all around your home helps in adding to the positive energy which helps in cleansing our mind & adding more positive vibes to your home décor. 

Using Religious Symbols and Benefits of Prayers ​

Placing religious symbols and items like pictures of God and pyramid yantras attract auspicious energies and remove negative energy. The pooja room should be built in the northeast direction of the house for making it Vastu compliant. 

Pour salt in all  four corners of  the room 

Pouring salt on all 4 corners of the room to let the salt absorb all the cold energies that have been in the room from the previous owners. You can then vacuum or trash the salt after 48 hours of this exercise. 

Spray Orange Essential Oils Around Your Home​

The smell of orange essential oil is such that it helps in clearing all the negativity that is around you. You can either diffuse the drops or instead use a spray to get the same kind of effect. 

Incense sticks and sage 

Burning incense sticks and sage amplifies the auspicious energies present in the space. They must be shown to every corner and nook of your home daily, a couple times to get rid of the negative vibes and promote an energetic and healthy life. 

Hang a Bell in Your Room​

Hanging a bell in your room when you come through your doorway or even enter the space for that matter, is good if you move through those sound waves in order to eliminate any kind of negative energy surrounding you.