World's Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Peacock

12/AUGUST /2023

Everyone wishes to encounter a peacock once in their lifetime because it's the world's most majestic creature. If you happen to stumble upon one, here is an introduction to 8 of the world's most beautiful peacocks.

Congo Peafowl 

This magnificent peacock, known for its exceptional beauty, lives in the Congo Basin. Its shorter feathers and robust physique distinguish it from other peacocks.

Palawan Peacock Pheasant 

This peacock, the Philippines' national symbol, lives in the tropical rainforests of Palawan. lt is extremely hard to catch sight of the world's most attractive peacock: hence, its numbers  are not known.

Great Angus Pheasant 

Also known as 'Golden People' because of their gold-coloured bodies. Unlike others that extend their feathers backward, this peacock extends them forward. They are found in Southeast Asian forests and hills.

Green Peafowl 

This South Asian peacock looks similar to the Indian Peafowl but has a greener hue. Its unique ability to hunt poisonous snakes sets it apart from other peacocks.

Ocellated Turkey 

This is the Peacock of Turkey. Being multi-hued, it's a sight to behold. This peacock is unique in that it will not fly when threatened, but will  instead run.

Grey Peacock Pheasant 

Myanmar's national bird is a delicate beauty with  pinkish-yellow-rimmed eyes and a white throat. The females are much more attractive than the males that are dull brown in colour.

Indian Peafowl 

This world's most beautiful peacock is also the largest one. Native to Sri Lanka and India males display vibrant bluish-green feathers. while females have muted brown or grey feathers.

White Peafowl 

Found in India and Sri Lanka. males have snowy white feathers, while females have greyish-brown plumage with white streaks. It's blue and not white; the white is due to pigment migration.