7 Beautiful Birds Of Kaziranga  

Asian Openbill Stork 

Known for the distinctive gap in their beaks, resembling an open pair of scissors, these storks are often found foraging in the wetlands and marshy areas of the park. 

Crested Serpent Eagle 

A raptor often seen soaring over the grasslands and forests of Kaziranga, this bird of prey is recognized by its prominent crest and striking eyes. 

Great Indian Hornbill 

Known for its large, colorful bill and vibrant plumage, this bird is an iconic sight in Kaziranga. Its distinctive appearance and loud, echoing calls make it a favorite among birdwatchers. 

Greater Adjutant 

This large, somewhat ungainly stork is critically endangered, but Kaziranga provides a vital refuge for them. They have a unique appearance with a huge bill and a distinctive neck pouch. 

Indian Roller 

With its striking combination of blues, purples, and hints of green, this bird is a visual delight. It's often seen perched prominently on wires or trees. 

Pied Kingfisher

Found near water bodies like rivers and ponds in Kaziranga, this bird, with its black and white plumage and distinctive hovering hunting technique, is a treat  to watch.

Indian Pond Heron

Indian pond herons are stocky with short necks, short thick bills and buff-brown backs. In summer, adults have long neck feathers.  

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