7 Must Try Street Foods  In India

05/ APRIL / 2024

Vada Pav 

Vada Pav, a renowned fast food snack from Maharashtra, serves as an ideal choice for a swift meal during a busy day.

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Chaat, a popular Indian street food, is a delightful blend of various ingredients. It includes crunchy fried dough, potatoes, either puffed rice or chickpeas, all tossed together. 

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Dosa, a South Indian delicacy, is a crispy, golden pancake made from fermented rice batter. It is typically served with ghee, enhancing its flavour and richness.

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Kathi Roll 

Kathi Roll, a delightful delicacy, is capturing food lovers' hearts. It is a delectable dish that features kebab meat, which is meticulously cooked on  a skewer. 

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Momos, a variant of dumplings, are widely available across the region. These are prepared with diverse fillings and a range of spices, offering a unique taste to each version.

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Gol Gappe 

Gol Gappe, a flavorful street food dish, is gaining recognition for its mood-enhancing properties. Known for its tangy and minty taste, it is becoming a favourite among food enthusiasts.

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Aloo Tikki 

Aloo Tikki, a popular street food in India, is a delightful dish made from mashed potatoes blended with a variety of spices. The mixture is then fried to create hot and crispy tikkis, offering a burst of flavours with each bite.

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