Must-Try Culinary Delights From Tamil Nadu Palak

04/ APRIL / 2024


Uttapam, a pancake-style dish popular in India, is prepared using a fermented batter of lentils and rice. This thick, savoury pancake is garnished with finely chopped vegetables and typically served with a side of chutney.

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The popular dish, typically made from fermented rice and lentil batter, is known for its soft and fluffy texture. It is commonly served with an assortment of chutneys  and sambar.

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Pongal, a traditional Indian dish, is primarily made from lentils and rice. These ingredients are combined and cooked in boiling milk, which is seasoned with ghee, pepper and cumin. 

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Chicken Chettinad 

Chicken Chettinad, a popular dish from South India, is prepared by marinating chicken in a mix of yoghurt, red chilli, turmeric paste, kalpasi, poppy seeds and coconut paste. 

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Paruppu Payasam 

Paruppu Payasam, a classic South Indian dessert, is prepared using moong dal, ghee, jaggery, and coconut milk. This traditional pudding is a staple in many households, relished for its unique blend of flavours and textures.

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Rasam, a traditional Indian soup, is prepared using a blend of tamarind juice, tomato juice, and an assortment of spices such as cumin, pepper, and garlic. 

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Dosa, a signature Indian dish, is known for its thin and crispy texture. It is prepared using a fermented batter  of rice and lentils.

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