Indulge In The Delectable Traditional Treats Of  Magh Bihu 

11/JANUARY /2024

Mithoi Laru or Guror Laru: 

These laddus are made with rice flour, jaggery and a blend of warm spices, predominantly peppercorn.

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Til Pitha

Til pitha or tilor pitha is traditionally prepared during bihu. Til pitha is made from coarsely ground , soaked rice spread over a hot pan and stuffed with jaggery and sesame mixture in the middle. The main ingredients are rice, jaggery and til(sesame)

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Ghila Pitha  

Ghila pitha is a traditional Assamse festive sweet relished during Bihu and is made with rice flour and mildly sweetened jaggery.

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Narikal Laru  

Narikol laru is made with just two ingredients- coconut and jaggery or sugar. Narikol laru is an integral part of Bihu Celebrations. 

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Sunga Pitha 

Sunga pitha is a traditional assamese rice cake cooked in banboo tubes. It is made with a fermented rice batter filled with a sweet coconut mixture.

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Doi Chira 

Doi Chira is a staple breakfast, but it is specifically eaten in Bihu. Flattened rice is combined with yogurt and jaggery to make this traditional delicacy. 

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Sutuli Pitha 

Xutuli (meaning a traditional musical instrument of Assam, of the same name made of clay or a stump of a bamboo tree) shaped dumpling stuffed with jaggery and sesame seeds.

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Tilor Laru 

Tilor laru are made of melted jaggery and roasted sesame seeds shaped into small balls.

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Muri Laru 

Muri laru is made with puffed rice and jaggery and is super light. It is made with ghee, jaggery,  puffed rice.

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Akhoi is similar to muri and it needs akhoi, ghee  and jaggery. 

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Hurum is puffed rice made from glutinous Bora rice. It is generally served as a snack or mini meal (jolpan) with cream or yogurt  and jaggery. 

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Tekeli Mukhor Pitha 

Tekeli mukhot dia pitha means to make the pitha by placing or steaming it on the mouth of a tekeli i.e a pitcher or kettle. This pitha is made from the seasons first harvest and is made with rice flour, grated coconut and aromatic jaggery. 

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