Journey Through Beauty: South India's Scenic Train Ride

18/JUNE/ 2024

Nilgiri Mountain Railway 

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) is a significant heritage railway in India, running from Mettupalayam to Ooty (Udhagamandalam) in the Nilgiri Hills. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is part of the Mountain Railways of India. 

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Golden Chariot 

The Golden Chariot is a luxurious train that offers an opulent travel experience through the Indian state of Karnataka and beyond. The journey includes stops at prominent destinations such as Bengaluru (Bangalore), Mysuru (Mysore), Hampi,  and Goa.

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Rameswaram Express 

The Rameswaram Express is a popular train that connects Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, to the coastal town of Rameswaram. This journey highlights the scenic beauty of Tamil Nadu, offering passengers views of lush rural landscapes, expansive coconut groves, and picturesque countryside.

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Vasco Da Gama Express 

The Vasco da Gama Express is a scenic train journey that originates from Vasco da Gama in Goa and travels through the picturesque landscapes of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This route offers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats, renowned for their lush greenery, misty mountains, and rich biodiversity. 

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Coorg Express 

The Coorg Express is a scenic train route that connects Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, to Kannur in Kerala. This journey takes passengers through the Western Ghats, offering stunning views of misty hills, dense forests, and cascading waterfalls along the way. 

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Araku Valley 

The journey from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh is a scenic delight, traversing through the Eastern Ghats. This route is renowned for its lush greenery, dense forests, and picturesque landscapes.

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Pamban Bridge 

The Pamban Bridge is a marvel of engineering that connects Rameswaram Island to mainland India across the Palk Strait. It is renowned as India's first sea bridge and continues to be a significant landmark.

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