South Films That Were Remade in International Language


Anuraga Aralithu (1986) 

'Anuraga Aralithu', a Kannada film released in 1986, was later remade in Bangladeshi Bangla in 2002 under the title 'Shami Stirir Juddho'.

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Aalavandhan  (2001) 

The 2001 Tamil film 'Aalavandhan' served as an inspiration for American Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. He created an anime action sequence in his 2003 martial arts movie 'Kill Bill: Volume 1', drawing ideas from this  Indian cinema.

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Drishyam  (2013)

This Malayalam movie has achieved the unique distinction of being the first Indian film to be remade in three foreign languages. The film was adapted into Sinhala in Sri Lanka, where it was titled 'Dharmayudhhyaya' in 2017. Further, it was also remade in Chinese under the title 'Sheep Without a Shepherd' in 2019.

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U-Turn (2016) 

This Kannada film has gained international acclaim and has been remade in several languages. Notably, it was adapted into Sinhala in Srilanka in 2019, and was also remade in Filipino in 2020, both retaining the  original title.

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Oththa Serppu  Size 7 (2019) 

The Tamil film 'Oththa Serppu Size 7' made headlines in 2019 for being the first of its kind to be remade in Indonesia under the title 'Bhasa'. This remarkable achievement marked a significant milestone in the Indian  film industry.

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Aahvaanam (1997) 

The 1997 Telugu film 'Aahvaanam' was later remade into an English movie titled 'Divorce Invitation'  in 2012.

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