Top 10 Must-Try Indian Varieties Of Mango



Alphonso mangoes, often referred to as the 'King of Mangoes', are a popular variety from Maharashtra, India. These mangoes are celebrated for their rich, creamy texture and their sweet, fragrant aroma.

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Neelam mangoes, predominantly grown in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, are popularly used in the preparation of mango salads and beverages.

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Banganapalli, also known as Benishan or Safeda, is a variety of mango from Andhra Pradesh. These mangoes are characterised by their large size and oblong shape. They are well-known for their thin skin and juicy, sweet flesh.

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Himsagar mangoes, primarily cultivated in West Bengal, are popular for their creamy, fiberless texture and sweet, aromatic flavor. These mangoes are usually relished fresh or incorporated  into desserts.

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Known as the 'Queen of Mangoes', Kesar mangoes from Gujarat are highly valued. They are recognized for their unique saffron-like aroma, smooth texture  and sweet flavour.

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Native to UP and Bihar, Dasheri mangoes are elongated in shape with a golden-yellow skin. They have a sweet, fragrant flavor and are often used for making mango shakes and desserts.

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Malda mangoes, grown in West Bengal, offer a sweet, juicy flesh encased in thin skin. These mangoes range from small to medium  in size.

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Originating from Uttar Pradesh, the Langra mango is recognised for its distinctive greenish-yellow skin, fiberless pulp, and a sweet yet  tart taste.

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Suvernarekha mangoes, which are cultivated in the Indian state of Odisha, are known for their golden-yellow skin and unique sweet yet tangy flavor.

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Totapuri mangoes, primarily cultivated in South India, are identified by their unique shape, pointed ends, and bright yellow skin.

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