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NERFMTTI and APART collaborates for drone demonstration

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GUWAHATI, May 25: 
The North Eastern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (NERFMTTI), in collaboration with the Assam Agribusiness and Rural Transformation Project (APART) organised a remarkable drone demonstration program at the Rangapara Farmer Producer Company (FPC) in Borbil Village, Rangapara block. The event was organised with the aim to showcase the potential applications and benefits of drone technology in agriculture.
Led by Dr PP Rao, director of NERFMTTI, and SG Pawar, agricultural engineer, the demonstration gathered a wide range of participants, including officials from NERFMTTI and APART, local technicians, and 45 enthusiastic farmers from the region. The presence of these experts and farmers further underscored the significance and relevance of integrating advanced technologies in the agricultural sector.
The program began with a warm welcome and introduction by Romanch Raj Saikia, technical assistant at NERFMTTI. Following the opening remarks, Kailash Chetia, a skilled technician, provided an overview of the drone technology that would be showcased during the demonstration.
The highlight of the event was the live demonstration of drone applications in agriculture, conducted by Siddharth Singh, a knowledgeable BTech in Agricultural Engineering. The audience witnessed first-hand how drones could revolutionise farming practices by enhancing efficiency, precision, and crop monitoring.
The farmers and officials were captivated as the drone soared through the sky, demonstrating its capabilities in various agricultural tasks such as crop scouting, aerial mapping, and precision spraying. The participants were particularly intrigued by the drone’s ability to gather real-time data and provide valuable insights into crop health, pest infestations, and irrigation requirements.
Dr PP Rao expressed his satisfaction with the successful demonstration, stating, “Drones have immense potential to transform the way we approach agriculture. They offer farmers an innovative tool to optimise their operations, minimise resource wastage, and ultimately increase productivity. We are delighted to collaborate with APART in bringing this cutting-edge technology to the farming community of Rangapara.”
Pankaj Baruah, an APART official, emphasised the importance of technology adoption in agriculture, stating, “APART is committed to promoting the use of advanced agricultural techniques in the region. Drones can be instrumental in overcoming various challenges faced by farmers, including labour shortage, precise application of inputs, and timely crop monitoring. We are pleased to witness the interest and enthusiasm of the farmers in exploring these possibilities.”
Hiranjjt Pegu, an official from the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), commended the collaboration between NERFMTTI and APART, stating, “This joint effort showcases the power of partnerships in driving agricultural innovation. By harnessing the expertise of both organisations, we can deliver practical and sustainable solutions to the farming community, empowering them to thrive in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.”

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