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Stolen Tata Yodha Vehicle Recovered by East Guwahati Police District Team

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In a commendable display of swift and efficient police work, the East Guwahati Police District team has successfully recovered a stolen Tata Yodha commercial carrier vehicle. The vehicle, which bears the registration number AS 23 DC 0547, was reported missing from the Niclon Field in the Ganesh Nagar area. Acting on a tip-off, a dedicated team from the Basistha Police Station managed to locate and retrieve the vehicle from Byrnihat on Tuesday night. This recovery marks a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to combat vehicle theft in the region.

The incident began earlier this week when the owner of the Tata Yodha vehicle reported it stolen from the Niclon Field, a well-known site in Ganesh Nagar. The theft was a serious concern for both the owner and the local community, as vehicle thefts have a profound impact on the sense of security and trust within the neighborhood. The owner promptly reported the theft to the Basistha Police Station, setting into motion a series of investigative measures aimed at recovering the vehicle and apprehending the perpetrators.

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Upon receiving the theft report, the Basistha Police Station immediately mobilized a team to investigate the matter. The team, known for its diligent work and quick response times, began by gathering all available information about the theft. They interviewed the vehicle owner and any potential witnesses at the Niclon Field. This initial phase of the investigation was crucial, as it provided the team with valuable leads that could guide their search efforts.

With the information gathered, the police team expanded their search area and utilized various resources at their disposal, including surveillance footage and intelligence networks. The breakthrough came when they received a tip-off about the possible location of the stolen vehicle. Acting on this intelligence, the team swiftly moved to Byrnihat, a town known for its bustling markets and industrial activity. The precise location and the method of recovery have not been disclosed by the authorities to maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

The recovery operation was executed flawlessly. The police team arrived in Byrnihat under the cover of darkness, ensuring the element of surprise was on their side. After a thorough search, they located the Tata Yodha vehicle, confirming its identity through its registration number AS 23 DC 0547. The vehicle was found intact, much to the relief of its owner. This successful recovery is a testament to the East Guwahati Police District’s commitment to tackling crime and ensuring public safety.

Following the recovery, the vehicle was transported back to the Basistha Police Station, where it will undergo further examination. The police are now focused on identifying and apprehending those responsible for the theft. Initial investigations suggest that the theft was carried out by a well-organized group involved in vehicle theft and smuggling operations. The authorities are working tirelessly to dismantle this network and bring the culprits to justice.

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The recovery of the stolen Tata Yodha vehicle has been met with widespread praise from the local community. Residents of Ganesh Nagar and surrounding areas have expressed their gratitude to the police for their prompt and effective action. The incident has also highlighted the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. The East Guwahati Police District has urged citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help prevent such incidents in the future.

In conclusion, the recovery of the stolen Tata Yodha commercial carrier vehicle by the East Guwahati Police District team is a significant achievement in the fight against vehicle theft. The successful operation underscores the dedication and efficiency of the police force, and it serves as a reminder of the critical role that law enforcement plays in maintaining public safety and order. As the investigation continues, the police remain committed to apprehending those responsible and ensuring that justice is served.

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