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Mohan Bhagwat calls for unity, non-violence and harmony

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NEW DELHI, Feb 12: India has the hightest order of philosophy and the world is looking at the country for solutions to its problems, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday said as he called upon the people to follow the path of unity, non-violence and harmony.

Addressing an event organised here to commemorate 2550th ‘nirvana’ year of Jain Tirthankar Mahavira,  Bhagwat said the people in different parts of the world are suffering because of their materialistic way of life.

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The world is now looking up to Bharat with hope of solution to their problems as they have realised that their materialist way of life doesn’t give them the eternal happiness that everyone wants, he said.

“All are our own, this is the truth. There is no happiness in materialistic things. Quit ‘vyaktivaad’ (individualism). You don’t have to live separately. Live harmoniously with everyone, follow non-violence, have patience, don’t steal,” the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief said.

“Our society chooses different paths to embark on search for absolute truth. Paths may be path different, but the destination is same… In our society, there are several categories — Jains, Sikhs. But being people of this country, we are all one. And while remaining one, we have to build the nation,” he added.

Bhagwat said the people in India and other parts of the world took different paths in search of absolute “truth and eternal happiness”.

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“The difference between India’s search and that of the rest of the world was that they stopped after searching for it in the visible world outside and we, after searching outside,  began looking for it within (ourselves) and realised the truth,” he said.

Highlighting there is “much sorrow in the world”, Bhagwat said, “The people are fighting in the country and abroad today. It’s because there is no tendency to stay together. They want materialistic happiness.”

“That’s why, many bloodshed took place in the past and are still happening in the name of the truth,” he added.

The RSS chief said the “one who is strong do not talk about fighting”.

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“They talk about making others understand, walking together with everyone. They make weak strong by accepting everyone as own. The people are running after material pleasure but that is not going to be adequate for anyone, Mahatma Gandhi used to say there is enough in universe for everyone living, but universe cannot satisfy anyone’s greed,” he said.

Bhagwat said India has the highest order of life philosophy, which can usher in peace and eternal happiness across the globe.

“We do not discriminate, divide. It is our responsibility to show this path to the entire world because time has come. The world is looking up to Bharat with hope,” he added. (PTI)




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