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I Sleep Peacefully Mother, When You Are Near!!

We do celebrate the formality of Mother’s Day but the reality is far from it. As long as mother has lived in her hands and feet and money in her bundle, we love mother, but as soon as these two things go away from mother, the scale of our love also changes, especially in the days of mother’s old age. At that time we mix with our wife and children and leave the mother helpless

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By: Dr. Satyavan Saurabh

Perhaps no one will ever be able to analyze the word mother, these two words contain so much vastness that it is not possible to explain. The first word spoken by a child after birth is mother. Mother is the one who teaches us to live; the first person in the world whom we get to know just by touch is Mother. After carrying her in her stomach for 9 months, she gives birth to us after so many troubles. She is the ‘mother’, whether young or old, a mother always worries about her child.

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Mother’s love is blind which can only be experienced. Mother is considered to be worshipable in Indian culture. The whole life is too short to give happiness and respect to the mother. Nevertheless, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the world in honour of the mother. Who sees how many examples of affection, sacrifice, generosity, and tolerance the mother creates? How many times his love sheds tears for his children? It is the day when we are thankful to our mother who has given us so much and is still doing so much for us.

Words will fall short to define mother but we will not be able to define her in a few words.

Mother is the mine of Mamta, God on earth!
Consider the glory of Mother, the best-greatest!!

Mother’s words are like poetry, the language of a story!
Dissolved in the juice of couplets, the life of verses started!!

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Mother is the string of the veena, Mother is the flower of spring!
Mother is the rhythm; mother is the rhythm, the chime of life!!

Mother is Geeta, Veda, Mother is true love!

Without a mother, all the customs of the world seem false!!
Maa Hariyali Dub hai, Sheetal Gang Anoop!

You remained in me, only in the form of a mother!!

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Any injury first occurs to the mother and then to the child. The debt of a mother’s love cannot be repaid. No matter how big the child may be, the mother’s lap makes him feel the most secure. So one day it becomes necessary for that ‘mother’ to be her own. It was popularized by Anna of America. Yes, millions of people celebrate this day as ‘Men’s Day’ and thank their mothers wholeheartedly for their sacrifice, support, and efforts. This is the reason why Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world on the second Sunday of May every year. One day of the year is dedicated only to the mother, which we know as Mother’s Day. This day, which honours the mother, is celebrated on different dates in many countries. But in most countries including India, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day.

If you live with your mother, then hug her and wish her, respect your mother as well as every mother in the world, then there can be no greater gift in the world than this and the blessings of the mother will always be your shield. By becoming it, you get freedom from every pain. We do celebrate the formality of Mother’s Day but the reality is far from it. Till then
Mother has life in her hands and feet and money in her knot, we love mother, but as soon as these two things go away from mother, the scale of our love also changes, especially in the days of mother’s old age. At that time we mix with our wife and children and leave the mother helpless.

Old age is very bad. This is the time when the mother needs love the most and we abuse her. This time is very sad for any mother. She makes her children grow up by looting everything and this child grows up and first of all, isolates his mother. This is the story of most of the houses in India which cannot be denied. Surprisingly, today’s educated young generation does not respect their old parents. After getting old, the children caress their children very much, but the old parents feel expected.
“To give goddess respect to ‘mother’ is one of the biggest needs of the present era. Mother is life, the mother is power, the mother is energy, and the mother is synonymous with love, compassion, and affection. Mother is not only the birth giver but also the life maker. Mother Earth is the basis for the development of life. It is the mother who has woven the fabric of this world with her own hands. In the course of the development of civilization, from primitive times to modern times, there were continuous changes in the shape, type, lifestyle, thinking, and brain of human beings. But the feeling of motherhood did not change. Even in that primitive age, the mother was only the mother. Even then she used to give birth to her children and nurture them, used to teach them to protect their existence. Even in today’s modern era, the mother is the same. Mother has not changed. Victor Hugo has expressed the glory of the mother in these words that a mother’s lap remains soft and children sleep comfortably in it.

How is this feeling hidden in your lap?

I sleep peacefully mother, when you are near!!

Mother, what kind of name should I give to this love of yours?

Found in your lap, I visited all four places!!

It will not be an exaggeration if the mother is called the representative of the Creator on earth. The truth is that mother is no less than the creator. Because mother has created and nurtured this world. God pervaded in every particle whether anyone can see it or not, the mother is visible to everyone everywhere. Somewhere she incubates eggs, and somewhere she is seen caressing her cub, calf, and child. Mother is a feeling of motherhood, of love and affection, of sacrifice and this feeling makes her the creator.

Mother is the creator, who creates this world again, in her way. Mother weaves dreams and this world lives and suffers her dreams. Mother teaches how to live. From the first scream to the last breath, the mother does not leave the side of her child. Whether the mother is near or not, the mother’s love and caress, the values given by the mother stay with us for the whole life. It is the mother who builds the future of her children. That is why Mother has been called the first teacher. Stevie Wonder has rightly said that my mother was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, of love, of fearlessness. If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is the sweetest flower of love. Now it is our turn to give respect and love to our mother so that she can spend the rest of her life happily.

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