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Substance Abuse And Sexual Perversions: Two Social Evils

The most common signs of sexual activity that can be classified as paraphilia include: the inability to resist an impulse for the sexual act, the requirement of participation by non-consenting or under-aged individuals, legal consequences, resulting sexual dysfunction, and interference with normal social relationships.

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By: Dr. Suman Bharali

With the fast-paced world people barely dig up any moment in time to actually think of evils penetrating into the society, all because of our negligence or say due to half knowledge. We all know what’s good or bad, but do we really care if something bad is happening in our neighbourhood or in the family? Or how much are we into the roots of such evils. Well, its percentage might not even hit 70.

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With the development of the world & its society, evils too have evolved. Here in this article I will try to talk about the two most talked about social evils in the present era; i.e., substance abuse and sexual perversions.

  1. Substance Abuse

These comprises of various habit forming and intoxicating substances like tobacco, cigarette, alcohol, opium and opioid by products such as codeine, cocaine, morphine, cannabis, anxiolytic and sedative medicines, psychedelics, L.S.D. etc. Some of these substances gives instantaneous upsurge of excitement and lifts the mood for a while. Others makes the mind delusional and people get an escape from the stressful thoughts and feel relaxed. Some gives a sense of euphoria and illusional.

People are attracted to them out of curiosity, to get relief from stress, due to peer pressure or to prove that they are grown up and strong. At first, they try it secretly and are provided by others. Later on, when they become dependent on the substance, they can do anything to get it. Nothing is more important for them than it. They can leave anything or anybody but not the substance. It impacts their mental, physical and social health. These are injurious to the health of the person as well as their near and dear ones.

The best way to avoid them is not to try them at all. If already trapped in the vicious cycle, then try to see what effects these have in their health, profession, family and relationships. Then try to give it up with strong will power and professional help. Indulging in some physical activity, sports, meditation, creative work, going out, keeping self busy, socializing and interacting with other people helps the person in staying away from these life damaging substances. One should avoid people, situations and environments which triggers the craving for these substances. Life is precious one should not waste it rather live it to the fullest consciously. Every individual is important and have the capability to bring change in the world whether small or great.

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  1. Sexual Perversions

Sexual perversion or paraphilia is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors or individuals. It has also been defined as sexual interest in anything other than a consenting human partner.

The most common signs of sexual activity that can be classified as paraphilia include: the inability to resist an impulse for the sexual act, the requirement of participation by non-consenting or under-aged individuals, legal consequences, resulting sexual dysfunction, and interference with normal social relationships.

Paraphilias include fantasies, behaviours and/or urges which:

  • Involve nonhuman sexual objects, such as shoes or undergarments
  • Require the suffering or humiliation of oneself or the partner
  • Involve children or other non-consenting partners

The most common paraphilias are:

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  • Exhibitionism or exposure of the genitals. Such individuals feel sexual gratification in showing their sexual organs to person of opposite gender.
  • Fetishism or the use of nonliving objects. Such individuals may steal the clothes, undergarments, accessories of opposite gender to touch, smell and or feel sexual pleasure.
  • Frotteurism or touching and rubbing against a non-consenting person. Such persons are in search of opportunities in crowds, public transport and other places and can’t resist their temptation.
  • Paedophilia or the focus on prepubescent children. They try to lure the children who yet don’t understand the good touch and bad touch and indulge them in sexual activity taking advantage of their innocence and ignorance.
  • Sexual masochism or the receiving of humiliation or suffering. They encourage their partner to hit them or hurt them during sexual act.
  • Sexual sadism or the inflicting of humiliation or suffering. Such person find pleasure in hurting and humiliating their partner during sexual act. They can hit their partner, tie them up and torture or burn them with cigarette etc. anything that comes to their mind.
  • Transvestic fetishism or cross dressing. Such individuals find pleasure in dressing like opposite gender. Mostly some males have this perversion where they dress and put make up like women to have gratification.
  • Voyeurism or watching others engage in undressing or sexual activity. By getting mobile phones at early age along with available and fast internet most people including young adolescents have easy access to pornography or sexual contents in different media platforms. So many people are deviated from normal sexual orientation towards perversion.

Some other forms of sexual perversions are bestiality, sodomy, buccal coitus, homosexuality, compulsive masturbation etc.

Paraphilia often results in a variety of associated problems, such as guilt, depression, shame, isolation and impairment in the capacity for normal social and sexual relationships. It can lead to sexual crimes such as rape, incest, teenage pregnancy, eve teasing and other forms of sexual harassments in home or workplaces. So, one should know about these abnormal behaviours and teach their children about goo touch and bad touch. One should impart sex education to their children in proper age and non-embarrassing manner. One should not watch adult contents in front of young children, change dress in front of them or talk about such topics in front of them. One should restrict the children from using the smart phones unregulated and should keep an eye on what they are watching in it. By awareness and conscious acts we can keep our society and home safe from these social evils. (The author is an M.D. Ayurvedic Medicine based in Guwahati. He may be reached at bharali.suman@rediffmail.com)


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