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Leopard Rescued from Mariani, Jorhat Amid Severe Flooding

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June 21, Friday:In a dramatic turn of events, a leopard that had been creating panic in Assam’s Jorhat district was successfully rescued by the forest department on Thursday. The animal, which had been causing widespread alarm among local residents, was finally captured after it took shelter in a rather unexpected place – a resident’s bedroom in the Bahoni tea garden area of Mariani.

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The rescue operation was not without its challenges, as the region has been grappling with severe flooding, complicating efforts to safely capture the animal. Despite these obstacles, the forest department, along with a team of veterinary doctors from the Rescue Centre in Kaziranga, managed to tranquillize the leopard and ensure its safe removal from the residential area.

The incident began when residents of the Bahoni tea garden area in Mariani reported sightings of the leopard, which had been roaming the area and causing panic. The presence of the wild animal in a densely populated area had understandably led to fears among the locals, prompting urgent calls for intervention from the forest department.

On Thursday, the situation escalated when the leopard sought refuge in a bedroom of one of the houses in the tea garden area. The sudden intrusion of the wild animal into a private residence further heightened the panic among the local community, necessitating immediate action.

Responding to the emergency, a team from the Kaziranga Rescue Centre, equipped with tranquilizing equipment and medical supplies, was dispatched to the scene. The team, comprising experienced veterinary doctors, worked meticulously to tranquillize the leopard. The animal, which had sustained injuries to its paws, was carefully sedated to ensure it could be safely transported without causing further harm to itself or the rescuers.

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After successfully tranquillizing the leopard, the team transported it to the Kaziranga Rescue Centre for further treatment. The rescue operation, while challenging, was carried out smoothly, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the forest department and the veterinary team. The leopard is now receiving the necessary medical attention for its injuries and will be monitored closely by wildlife experts.

This incident has highlighted the challenges faced by wildlife and human populations coexisting in close proximity, particularly in areas affected by natural disasters such as flooding. The severe floods in the region have not only displaced human populations but have also forced wildlife to seek refuge in unusual places, leading to increased human-wildlife conflicts.

The successful rescue of the leopard has brought a sense of relief to the residents of Mariani, who had been living in fear of encountering the wild animal. The forest department has assured the public that measures are being taken to monitor the area and prevent similar incidents in the future. They have also urged residents to report any sightings of wild animals promptly, to enable quick and safe interventions.

The incident has also underscored the importance of having well-equipped rescue centers and trained personnel to handle wildlife emergencies. The prompt response and professional handling of the situation by the Kaziranga Rescue Centre team have been widely appreciated.

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In the wake of this incident, there have been calls for increased efforts to protect wildlife habitats and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. Conservationists have emphasized the need for comprehensive strategies to address the root causes of such conflicts, including habitat loss and environmental degradation.

As the rescued leopard recuperates at the Kaziranga Rescue Centre, the focus now shifts to ensuring the safety and well-being of both the local human population and the wildlife in the region. The forest department and conservationists are expected to collaborate on long-term solutions to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife in Assam.

The story of the leopard’s rescue in Mariani serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between nature and human settlements and the ongoing efforts required to maintain this balance in the face of environmental challenges.

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