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“Mother Is The First Teacher, The First School”

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By – Priyanka Saurabh

It is a well-known fact that this is the best age for a child below the age of five, as he learns the most at this age. A child under the age of five spends most of his time at home and therefore learns a lot from what he sees at home. Chhatrapati Shivaji was told many stories of heroes by his mother in his childhood and he grew up to become a hero to many people.

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Child’s first school

It is at home that a child first learns socialization. A child first learns a lot at home. But today, since most parents are earners, they are unable to spend quality time with their children. Children are sent to playschools and are often raised by their grandparents. These children are at a disadvantage compared to those who can spend quality time with their parents. This is because, a child learns what is accepted and what is not, what is right and what is not. He can spend enough time with his family, which strengthens his bond and he grows up to be a confident person.

Many such stories

A child of our relative is raised by his grandparents, as his parents are busy with their jobs in America. He grew up to be a stubborn, inferiority complex child. Even today home is the first school and the mother is the first teacher. Even a little time for a child to spend with his family and especially the mother has a great impact on his impressionable mind.

Someone has rightly said that “God cannot be everywhere that’s why he made a mother.” So the person who loves the child the most is always a mother. The mother has the most affection for the child. She is not only the mother but also the first teacher of the child. She makes a lasting impression by teaching the child from birth. A mother’s education is divine.

Many mothers have made their childhood heroes with their unmatched love for their children. Recently there was news that a mother taught her daughter at home and she never went to school and now she has been called for admission to IIT.

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Mother: Then why so many issues in society?

Mother’s education started from day one and continues till the mother’s blessings are there in life, it is not necessary. Mothers should be highly educated to provide education. The value of education imparted by mothers cannot be matched anywhere. Now the question arises if every mother is providing value-based education to her children then why there are so many issues in society? The answer is that many other factors affect the life of an individual and the education of the mother never puts the child on the wrong path.

Here, I would like to say that a mother sees the first smile on her child’s face and makes her permanent with her education and blessings. The art of motherhood is to teach children the art of living. Home is the first building block for the holistic development of the child and the mother is indeed the most wonderful teacher.

Lack of attitude in children today

At home, apart from academics, the child learns moral values like love, care, compassion, empathy, etc. from his mother, which is itself the embodiment of selfless love and sacrifice. Through daily observation of the child by interacting with his parents, he develops an attitude/behaviour, which helps in his thinking, way of living, understanding, and decision making at the important stages of life.

Today both the parents are engaged in working outside the home to keep pace with the fast life. Mothers are not able to give proper time to their children. At first, it seems to ignore the interest of children, but at the same time, it teaches discipline and generates self-motivation. Helps in building character in children for a long time. The child learns to adjust to the changing environment from an earlier stage. With this, children are also getting involved in innovative activities while being alone at home.

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The child values their mother’s education, shaping his character building, respect, love, and care at home. Mother is the child’s comfort in sorrow, strength in sorrow and weakness, and the best teacher in shaping his life. So even today, it is true that the mother is the first at home and also the first teacher in child-rearing.

(The author is a research scholar in Political Science, poet, freelance journalist, and columnist)

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