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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Political Parties Gear Up For KAAC Elections, Declare Candidates’ List

6 APHLC candidates, 2 from ASDC and one independent candidate file nominations

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DIPHU, May 20: Autonomous State Demand Committee (ASDC), a regional party in the three hill districts of Assam, has announced their candidates for the ensuing Member of Autonomous Council (MAC) election to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) comprising of two hill districts of Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong, here on Friday.

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Announcing the names of candidates, the ASDC secretary Daniel Teron said both the Congress and All Party Hills Leaders Conference (APHLC) will be held responsible if the BJP comes back to power as both the parties did not heed to the appeal made by ASDC to put up a united fight against the BJP.

Teron said, “The strength and positive character of ASDC is that the party has withstood the test of time, waded through sunshine and rain during the past 22 years of being in the Opposition without surrendering unlike other organisations and leaders. The ASDC also had the rich experience of being a ruling party and also that of the Opposition. This is the strength and the capacity of the ASDC and its leadership. Even under the murky political atmosphere, the ASDC has once again firmly resolved to take part in this 2022 KAAC election to carry forward the Autonomous State movement through electoral battle.”

Attacking the All Party Hills Leaders Conference (APHLC) Teron said, “The APHLC being a one man army party could not access and analyse the head or tail of electoral politics and thought that it could go alone to score, which is not at all possible in the given political condition. The APHLC is also suffering from lack of internal democracy. Therefore, the need of the hour is to democratise the APHLC itself.”

On the Congress, Teron said that most of the Congress leaders in Karbi Anglong including the former HAD minister and president of Karbi Anglong District Congress Committee, Sum Ronghang are recent converts from BJP, the Congress members could not adept to the principle and ideology of the Congress and they could not easily give up their saffron trait.

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The ASDC had declared their candidates for 19 seats out of total 26 that is going to the election, they are Duar Amla constituency- Sarkar Phangcho, Chinthong constituency- Chandra Rongphar, Socheng constituency-Ramsing Terang, Bithung Rengthama constituency- Sikari Kathar, Kopili constituency- Chandrasing Dera, Hamren constituency- Mensing Terang, Howraghat constituency- Ratneswar Timung, Phuloni constituency- Monindra Bey, Korkhanti constituency- Khorsing Engti, Mahamaya constituency- Babusing Ronghang, Nomati constituency- Borsing Phangcho, Socheng Dhenta constituency- Dijendra Terang, Lumbajong constituency- Maikon Rongpharpi, Dhansiri constituency- Mandal Taro, Singhason constituency- Rakesh Sing Teron, Deopani constituency- Bidyasing Tisso, Nilip constituency- Sunil Tokbi, Duarbagori constituency- Rajen Hanse and Borjan constituency- Kamalsing Bey.

Remaining 7 seats namely Amri, Langfer, Surupathar, Amreng, Rongkhang, Langhin and Bokajan will be declared later, the party said.

The CPI (ML), Hills Party Committee (HPC) has also announced the names of their candidates for 11 MAC constituencies out of 26 total MAC seats here on Friday.

The candidates are- Bithung Rengthama constituency- Kangbura Hanse, Kopili constituency- Bina Rongpipi, Amreng constituency- Chandrasing Timung, Howraghat constituency- Ishwar Konwar, Langfer constituency- Longkiram Tokbi, Phuloni constituency- Bidyasing Teron, Langhin constituency- Kamen Rongpipi, Korkanthi constituency- Joysing Rongpi, Dhansiri constituency- Bikramsing Terang, Singhason constituency- Welson Rongphar, Borjan constituency- Kolomsing Teron, Surupathar constituency- Amlong Engti, Deopani constituency- Ravison Terang, Nilip constituency- Joysing Teron and Duarbagori constituency- Rowelson Kro.

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The ruling party BJP has sent their party observer to Bokajan and Deopani. MLA Binod Hazarika and state BJP executive member, Ashok Sarma met party workers at Bokajan Mini Stadium Auditorium Hall. They discussed organisational matters with polling stations in charge of the party.

The BJP party seekers from Bokajan MAC constituency are Madhurya Dhekiyal Phukon, Jivon Chandra Pathak, Ranjit Roy, Babul Das and Nipen Sangma.

BJP observers, BJP state general secretary, MP Pallab Lochan Das and state executive member of the party, Ratul Sarma visited Deopani and held organisational party meeting with the workers.

On the other hand, the party workers of Lumbajong MCC have also opposed the candidature of Ratul Teron.

Expressing their displeasure, the vice president of Lumbajong MCC Mojasing Tisso said, “We want Rangsina Hanse, who is an efficient and capable leader as the party candidate from Lumbajong MAC constituency. Giving a ticket to Teron means we are not going to cooperate with him.  We urged the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and KADCC to reconsider their decision and give a ticket to Hanse.”

Six seek Congress party tickets from Lumbajong MAC constituency, they are Rangsina Hanse, Hukleswar Bey, Jona Terang, Ratul Teron, Jemson Ronghang and Babusing Timung.

Meanwhile, the APCC has announced candidates for 22 MAC seats from a total of 26 seats. They are Duar Amla MAC constituency- Bijoy Teron, Amri MAC constituency- Jennyson Teron, Chinthong MAC constituency- Rupsing Bongrung, Rongkhang MAC constituency-  Sing Teron, Bithung Rengthama MAC constituency- Kengbura Hanse, Kopili MAC constituency- Kareng Phangchopi, Hamren MAC constituency- Rupesh Bey, Amreng MAC constituency- Alice Engtipi, Howraghat MAC constituency- Chandrasing Teron, Langfer MAC constituency- Purnima Ronghangpi, Phuloni MAC constituency- Dorsing Singnar, Langhin MAC constituency- Rijendra Basumatary, Korkhanti MAC constituency- Sarjeng Engti, Mahamaya MAC constituency- Bidyasing Rongpi, Nomati MAC constituency- Ashok Teron, Socheng Dhenta  MAC constituency- Rajesh Timung, Lumbajong MAC constituency- Ratul Teron, Singhason MAC constituency- Pradip Singnar, Borjan MAC constituency- Surendra Singnar, Deopani MAC constituency- Joysom Jeshing Rengma, Nilip MAC constituency- Semson Engti and Duarbagori MAC constituency- Rajen Engti.

Pending constituencies are Surupathar, Bokajan, Dhansiri and Socheng.

9 candidates file nomination

On the other hand, 9 Nine candidates have filed their nomination with the Returning Officer here. They are 6 candidates from the All Party Hills Leaders Conference (APHLC), Jones Ingti Kather for 20-Singhason MAC constituency, Kong Rongi for 11-Langpher MAC constituency, Sarmung Rongphar for 13-Langhin MAC constituency, Mohonsing Tokbi for 19-Dhansiri MAC constituency, Daniel Teron for 14-Karkanthi MAC constituency, Rajen Timung for 18-Lumbajong MAC constituency. The Autonomous State Demand Committee’s 2 candidates have filed their nomination, they are Rakesh Sing Teron for 20-Singhason MAC constituency and Maikon Rongpharpi for 18-Lumbajong MAC constituency. An independent candidate Pradip Teron has filed his nomination for 20-Singhason MAC constituency.

United People’s Revolutionary Front (UPRF), Karbi Anglong, through a press release has appealed the voters of Kuki villages falling under Singhason Member of Autonomous Council (MAC) constituency to vote in favour of BJP in the MAC election.

The UPRF statement said the pragmatic solution and settlement given to various insurgent groups by the present ruling party has prompted the UPRF to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream for the same solution.

The UPRF have full faith in the present leadership of the government and is optimistic that the problems of the UPRF be settled sooner or later as is done in the case of other groups. Therefore, the UPRF resolved to extend full support to the BJP in the forthcoming KAAC election, 2022 and work for the BJP, the group in its statement said.

After the declaration of MAC Election 2022 by the Assam Election Commission on May 12, the district administration has activated 20 election cells for the forthcoming MAC election 2022 at DC Office, Diphu.

It is also informed that for 407 polling stations under Diphu Election District, a total of 3137 officials have been engaged in MAC Election-2022.

In the 1st Phase, the training for 550 first and second polling and presiding officials have started in Diphu Government College, Diphu and at Rukasen College, Bakalia, 428 officials are completed.

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