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Why BPSC Failed?

The life of competitive students is full of bites. This was proved when the Bihar Public Service Commission failed to take the exam free of cost even after continuously increasing the date of the examination. For the first time, a large number of students had appeared in this exam, for which the commission had to wait a long time for its management

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By: Nripendra Abhishek Nrip

The life of competitive students is full of bites. This was proved when the Bihar Public Service Commission failed to take the exam free of cost even after continuously increasing the date of the examination. For the first time, a large number of students had appeared in this exam, for which the commission had to wait a long time for its management.

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But for the first time in the history of Bihar Public Service Commission, the question paper of 67th Combined Examination has gone viral. The exam was cancelled after the question paper went viral. The paper started going viral on social media since 11 am. Around five lakh students have suffered a setback after the PT exam was cancelled. Especially the students who came to take the examination from far away suffered financially, they were also mentally disturbed. Hundreds of students had come from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to take the exam.

Since the continuous increase in the number of examinees for the last few years, the center of the examination has been given outside the district headquarters to the block headquarters as well. Like it was given last time and it was given this time also. The paper leak has started only since the center has gone to the block headquarters, because since then it has become easy to manage the center. The last time when the 66th Pre examination was being held, there was talk of paper leak in Aurangabad, after which the exam there was cancelled and taken later.

The extent was reached when even in the age of social sites, the commission said that the paper has not gone out, the effect of which was clearly visible on the cut off.

Not only this, the government or the commission also did not learn from the past incidents and completely waited for the leak to happen across the state.

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And the 67th pre paper went viral even before the exam. The question is that if the Commission had learned from its small mistakes, today lakhs of students would not have to prepare to eat again and again.

The commission is not deterring from its antics. In order to conduct malpractice free examination, the commission provides the center of the students 300 or 400 km away from the home, although the home center of the girls gives them some relief. But who gives the commission the right to do this injustice to the students?

When you send the students to take the exam after so much effort, you allow the travel fare, travel pain and mental agony, how far is the commission’s failure to take the exam justified?

It was better not to limit the center of the students to the neighbouring districts, because even after sending the paper from Chapra to Katihar and from Banka to Bettiah, if the paper leaks, then the problem is not in the center but in the department, whose solution is necessary.

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Students should strongly oppose the center so that the commission desist from its antics. The commission has a plethora of challenges and as long as corruption continues to speak loudly, here will be the fate of the exam.

It is also a matter to understand where the problem is occurring. Let me talk about the Government High School Kodha in Kaimur district, where I was seeing a direct view. The exam start time was from 12 noon. All the students were also made to sit at 11 o’clock but in the name of arranging the paper, the exam was postponed till 1 o’clock. The exam started at 1 o’clock saying that everyone would get 2 hours but the time was deducted.

Not only this, the seal of almost all the papers of the center was already broken.

That is, there must have been rigging here too. How many such centers were seen, when the students were talked to, the information went on getting. Then what is the commission doing which is being rigged on such a large scale.

The problem of paper leak in Bihar is not limited to the Bihar Public Service Commission only. For the last many years, even 10V and 12V paper gets wired on social sites 1 hour before. But never the commission cancelled the examination nor got it investigated. And today when this scene got to be seen till the biggest exam of the state and the state got defamed in the whole country, and then the ears of the government and the commission have stood up. The exam was cancelled after the BSSC paper was also leaked, but Bihar never learned from that.

It would be better if the internet is switched off sometime before the exam than to send the center so far away. When the administration can shut down the internet for two-two, three-three days just because of the fear of riots. So to save the future of lakhs of students, what will happen if the internet is shut down for 2-3 hours?

This time after the paper leak, the commission and the government were awakened to some extent and after the paper was cancelled, the inquiry was also set up. The Economic Offenses Unit, which is probing the 67th BPSC PT question paper leak case, has got a big success. The EOU has arrested four people, including the Block Development Officer of Barhara in Bhojpur district, on 10th May while investigating the entire matter. The other three arrested are associated with Veer Kunwar Singh College of Arrah. Now the name of IAS Ranjit Kumar Singh has also appeared in this. Which shows that its wire can also go to the courtyard of the government.

But the question is also whether the people of the government will be able to investigate those who are involved in this.

The central government should be under the supervision of a Supreme Court judge or C.B.I. Investigation should be done.

When Bihar is free from the disease of its paper leak and when this cancer is cured so that the future of lakhs of students is bright and they do not have to cry tears of blood in future, for how long this government and commission do such a system, to see it’s a matter. This is also a big challenge before the commission.

It remains to be seen how long it takes to heal the wounds of the contestants.

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