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Yoga Boosting Assam Health Sector

Internationally, Yoga has brought the world together, reshaping the global values, and is bringing different healthcare systems closer. This beautiful movement of humanity towards a healthier and happier tomorrow was only made possible due to a broad vision of India.

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By: Amar Krishna Paul

Let’s start with some good news. Thousands of Yoga practitioners from 35 districts of the State are celebrating the 16th Assam Yoga Mahotsava on December 12, 2022. It’s a month-long celebration. The key objective of the mega programme is to build Assam as a healthy and wealthy State. The inaugural function is being graced by Governor Prof Jagadish Mukhi and other State dignitaries in Guwahati.

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Glad to say, the State Government is currently implementing a few ambitious plans these days. These plans aim to make Assam an advanced State in the line of Andhra Pradesh, UP, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, et al. The vision and mission seem very good.

But ‘the Blue Hills and Red River’ needs the ‘healthy human resource’ in order to maintain the pace of socio-economic development in the State.

At the present juncture, ‘Yogic Science’ may immensely help the State. The reason is not far to seek. Regular practice of Yoga can holistically boost every person from all sides.

Only healthy and wealthy masses are the asset of an advanced nation. Perfect preparation and continuous practice of Yoga can protect the body, mind and soul of the common people. Mass employment generation of Yoga teachers in all academic and non-academic institutions both by the Government and private agencies may usher in a new era of hope, peace, prosperity, tranquillity and, virtually, a congenial air in the State, in particular, and NE region, in general, soon.

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Internationally, Yoga has brought the world together, reshaping the global values, and is bringing different healthcare systems closer. This beautiful movement of humanity towards a healthier and happier tomorrow was only made possible due to a broad vision of India.

It is the vision of our rich and colourful cultural tradition to bring world peace and harmony by focusing on the health and well-being of individuals, communities, nations, and the world as a whole. Yoga has brought the world together, reshaping the global values, and is bringing different healthcare systems closer.

From a technical point of view, Yoga means the addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul. Yoga is completely a science of well-being, a science of youthfulness and a science of integrating body, mind and soul. It has nothing to do with religion.

Modern life is full of stress and problems, which gives rise to diseases like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. Yoga has the potential to address all these problems and play a vital role in ensuring physical and mental well-being. Yoga offers the cheapest and most undisruptive solution to all physical ailments.

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In Assam, His Holiness Swami Shivananda Saraswati Maharaj founded Umachal Yogashram in 1929 at Kamakhya, Guwahati-781010. He imparted training on Yoga and yogic treatment. The Umachal Yogashram was established on a hill top of Nilachal Hill where there is still no motorable road facility. About 700 stairs are there to climb the hill to reach the Ashram. Shivananda Saraswati was a famous Yogi of modern India with international repute.

Subhasish Kar was a close associate of Srimat Swami Shivananda Saraswati. Kar obtained his degree in Yoga in 1971 and was renamed as Yogacharya Subhasish by his Holiness Swami Shivananda Saraswati Maharaj. Yogacharya Subhasish used to stay in the Umachal Yogashram and led the life of a Sannyasi. He observed that aged persons, women, children and patients faced a lot of troubles to reach the Ashram OPD by climbing about 700 steps on the steep rise of the Umachal Hill.

Realising the actual problems of Yoga loving people and patients, Yogacharya Subhasish thought to bring the Yoga facility to the plain area to the reach of common people. He came down to the Railway city Maligaon and started his effort to find a suitable place to start Yoga Training programmes. A few men from the Maligaon area came forward and with these few persons the organisation “Indian Yoga Culture & Yoga Therapy Center” was established in 1979.

According to Yogacharya Subhasish, certain common diseases can be better cured with the help of Yoga and Naturopathy. A few common ailments and their remedial measures may be stated here as follows.

  1. Constipation


(i) The normal process of passing out stole is obstructed.

(ii) Irregular and less quantity of stole is being passed out.

(iii) Stole is dry and hard.

(iv) Tendency to go to the toilet frequently even after coming from the toilet and passing stool many times.

(v) Taking much time in the toilet.

(vi) Feels sleepy and headache throughout the day.

(vii) Bad smell comes out from the mouth.

(viii) Tastelessness and decline to eat food.

(ix)  Whitish coverage is seen on the tongue.

Treatment: Bastikriya, Pawanmuktasan, Yogamudra, Arddhamotsyandrasan, Sahaj Agnisar, Matir Lep on the belly, Bajrasan after the main meal.

Diet: Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily,  have all seasonal fruits, drink milk, eat smashed nuts, green vegetables, salad, curd, veg cheap, etc.

  1. Cold


(i) Feels uncomfortable in the shoulders and sounds in the shoulder while coughing.

(ii) Feels pain in the chest while there is an extreme cough.

(iii) Feels too much weakness.

(iv) Light fever.

(v) Loss of appetite.

Treatment: Sukmabyama (Light Exercise), Tadasana, Bhojangasana, Matsasana, Ustasana, Supta Bajrasana, Sahaj Pranayam No.3, 7, Pashyatya Pranayam No.2, Nasapan, Foot Bath, Matir Lepan (Mud Therapy on the chest).

Diet: Lique warm water, drinks of hot water with Tulsi leaves, ginger, honey, etc. Twice in a day.

Light and easily digestible foods may be eaten. Milk or milk products like sweets should be avoided.

  1. Headache


(i) Pain in the whole head or in any part of the head.

(ii) Uncomfortability and angriness.

(iii)  Mental disorder.

(iv) General weakness.

Treatment: Baman Dhouti, Nasapan, Singhasana, Arddhakurmasana, Sahaj Pranayam No. 7, Sahaj Agnisar, Chandraved Pranayam, Shashangasana, Shirudhara.

Also take the vapour of the turmeric paste with hot water through the noses.

Diet: Have Sattik diets, fruits, vegetables, milk products, etc.

  1. Eye-related problems


(i) Less visionary power and sees objects improperly.

(ii) Difficult to see the nearest and farthest things properly.

(iii)  Can see the farthest objects clearly, but can’t see the nearest ones.

(iv) Can see the nearest objects clearly, but can’t see the farthest ones.

(v) Feels a little-bit of pain or burning sensation in the eyes.

(vi) Pouring out water from the eyes.

(vii) Feels the head is heavy during the course of reading and writing.

(viii) Irritation in the eyes.

Treatment: Eye bath with rose water, spingling with normal water in the eyes, Sithkari Pranayam or Sitali Pranayam, Eye Mudra, Sarbangasana, Matsana, Singhasan, Makarasan,  Arddhamatsandhyasan, Sahaj Pranayam No. 3 and 7, Bhramari Pranayam and lastly Ohm Pranayam.

  1. Acidity


(i) Feels heaviness in the stomach.

(ii) Flatulence in the stomach.

(iii) Heavy gas formation in the stomach.

(iv) Sounds in the stomach.

(v) Burning sensation in the stomach.

(vi) Loss of appetite.

(vii) Constipation.

(viii) Sleeplessness (partial insomnia, unable to sleep).

Treatment: Pawanmukta Asan, Biparitkarani Mudra, Katite Chakrasan, Padahastasan, Nabhi Asan,  Kapal Bhati, Suryabhed Pranayam, Sahaj Agnisar, Baman Dhouti, Tab Bath, Bajrasan, Cool Water Compress on the naval region, fasting once in a week.

Diet: Follow a chart of regulated and proper diets.

Have light and easily digestible foods.

Richly cooked foods should be avoided.

Drink normal water sufficiently.

To sum it up, Yoga has gained admiration and captured people’s imagination across the world, and thus has become a source of India’s soft power. Our diplomacy has already been making efforts to showcase Yoga. It should disseminate more literature and stories about Yoga. Yoga is our gift to the world – a key to living longer, better and happier. Let humanity celebrate this. (The author can be reached at amarkrishnaghy@gmail.com)


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