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Balasore Train Accident: CPRO South Eastern Railway Clarifies Misleading Reports

South Eastern Railway denies media reports of missing staff in Balasore train accident; all staff present and cooperating with investigation.

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Balasore, June 20: In the aftermath of the tragic train accident in Balasore, there have been several media reports circulating regarding the alleged absence and disappearance of a staff member. However, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) of South Eastern Railway, Aditya Kumar Chaudhary, has vehemently denied these claims, stating that they are factually incorrect and misleading.

Chaudhary addressed the media to set the record straight and provide accurate information about the ongoing investigation into the Balasore train accident.

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“A few media reports are surfacing that the railway staff from Bahanaga Bazar are absconding and that they are missing but this is factually incorrect. All staff of the station are present and and are in inquiry. And they have reached where ever the CRS and CBI have asked them to,” said Chaudhary.

The CPRO further clarified that all staff members involved in the incident are actively participating in the investigations conducted by both the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS). He categorically stated, “None of the staff are missing or absconding.”

It is essential to address and rectify any misinformation circulating in the media, as it can contribute to the spread of panic and confusion among the public. Accurate reporting plays a crucial role in maintaining the trust of the people and ensuring that they receive the correct information during such critical situations.

Train accidents are tragic incidents that have far-reaching consequences, affecting the lives of passengers, their families, and the railway staff involved. It is imperative for the media to exercise responsible journalism by verifying facts before disseminating information.

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The Balasore train accident, which claimed several lives and left many injured, requires a thorough investigation to determine the cause and prevent similar incidents in the future. The collaborative efforts of the CBI and CRS, along with the active participation of the railway staff, are crucial in uncovering the truth and implementing necessary safety measures.

The South Eastern Railway has assured the public that they are fully cooperating with the investigative agencies and are committed to ensuring a comprehensive inquiry into the Balasore train accident. By actively participating in the investigation, the railway staff demonstrates their dedication to understanding the circumstances surrounding the incident and taking necessary corrective actions.

In conclusion, the CPRO of South Eastern Railway, Aditya Kumar Chaudhary, has refuted misleading media reports regarding the alleged absence and disappearance of a staff member involved in the Balasore train accident.

He clarified that all the staff members are present and actively participating in the ongoing CBI and CRS inquiries. It is essential for the media to exercise responsible journalism and provide accurate information during such critical situations to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion among the public.

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The collaborative efforts of the investigative agencies and the railway staff will help bring about a comprehensive understanding of the incident and promote improved safety measures in the future.

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