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Assam: Mother of Two Sons Missing for Three Months, Family Appeals for Public Assistance

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June 15, Saturday:

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In a distressing incident that has caused significant concern in the region, a mother of two has been missing from her home in Jamugurihat, Assam, for the past three months. Nitu Devi Barua, 27, disappeared from her home in Jaysiddhi Madhupur Village of Naduar under mysterious circumstances, leaving her family and community in a state of anxiety and uncertainty.

The disappearance of Nitu Devi Barua has triggered a sensation in the locality, particularly among the residents of Jaysiddhi Madhupur Village. According to family sources, the incident occurred one night when Nitu’s husband, Bubu Nath, and their two children, aged nine and three, were sleeping. Nitu quietly left the house, and since then, her whereabouts have remained unknown. The family’s initial search efforts the following morning proved futile, leading to increased worry and distress.

Bubu Nath, Nitu’s husband, along with other family members, has been actively seeking information regarding her whereabouts. Despite contacting relatives and friends, no useful leads have emerged. Desperate for answers, Bubu Nath filed a missing person complaint at the Itakhola Police Station. However, despite the police’s efforts and the initiation of an investigation, no significant progress has been made in locating Nitu.

The prolonged absence of Nitu Devi Barua has left her family in a state of profound distress. Her husband and their two young children have been particularly affected, grappling with the uncertainty and the emotional toll of her disappearance. In a heartfelt plea to the public, Bubu Nath and his children have appealed for any information that might lead to her discovery. They urge anyone who might have seen or heard anything related to Nitu’s disappearance to contact them or the police immediately.

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To facilitate the sharing of information, the family has provided a contact number: 9101415095. They hope that someone, somewhere, might have a crucial piece of information that could help reunite them with Nitu. The family’s appeal underscores the importance of community involvement in such cases, highlighting how collective efforts can sometimes yield the most critical breakthroughs.

This troubling case is, unfortunately, not an isolated incident. Similar cases of women going missing have been reported from various parts of Assam in recent times. These incidents highlight a broader issue of safety and security for women in the region, prompting calls for more robust measures to protect vulnerable individuals and improve investigative processes.

The local community has shown solidarity with Nitu’s family, expressing their concern and extending support. Community leaders and activists have also called for heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent such occurrences and ensure timely interventions when they do happen. The case of Nitu Devi Barua has become a focal point for discussions on community safety and the need for effective mechanisms to address such disappearances.

In light of Nitu’s disappearance, it is crucial for local authorities to intensify their efforts in the investigation. Enhanced surveillance, broader dissemination of information, and increased patrolling in vulnerable areas could help in preventing such incidents in the future. Additionally, there is a pressing need for support systems that provide immediate assistance to families dealing with such crises, ensuring they are not left to navigate these challenging situations alone.

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As the search for Nitu Devi Barua continues, her family remains hopeful that she will be found safe. The support of the community in such trying times, coupled with active police investigation and public vigilance, is essential in bringing her home. The family’s plea for assistance serves as a poignant reminder of the power of collective action and the crucial role that each individual can play in ensuring the safety and well-being of their fellow community members.

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