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Concern On Alleged Conversion Of Educational To Religious Institutions: Kutumba Surakshya Parishad

 “Movement Is Not Against Jesus Christ And Christianity”

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By : Hiranya Barman

GUWAHATI, Feb 28: Kutumba Surakshya Parishad president Satya Ranjan Borah said that the parishad has raised concern on the alleged conversion of educational institutions into religious institutions and that the ‘movement’ is not against Jesus Christ and Christianity.

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Talking to The Hills Times Borah said that he had appealed to all other stake holders related to this issue so that collective and inclusive solution can be found at the earliest.

“Love for one’s own mother doen’t imply hate for others,” he added.

Earlier, Meghalya chief minister Conrasd Sangma had told the Meghlaya assembly that the state govt would first verify the reports about the ‘anti missionary campaign’ in Assam before taking up the matter with Assam CM.

“I have seen the statement of the CM of Meghalaya. I welcome and appreciate his concern. If he wants I am ready to talk with him with the facts. We too want the facts to be placed in black and white for the sake of the constitution of India. This movement is not against Jesus Christ and Christianity. We are concerned about the conversion of educational institutions into religious institutions. I think Christian Missionary ruled schools are not notified and recognised religious institutions; rather, these are public schools. So, being a responsible citizen of India they too have fundamental duties to value the secularism of the nation. So, I am pleased by seeing the concern of Meghalaya CM so that we can solve the issue in a proper way. I appealed all other stake holders related to this issue so that we can find out a collective and inclusive solution early. Further, I would like to request everyone not to divert the issue from its core concerns. We don’t want anyone to face difficult consequences,” Borah said.

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Meanwhile, the parishad has sent a letter to Assam chief secretary for alleged practice of exclusive religious practices by the Christian Missionaries by defaming the “Secular” values of Bharat and by encouraging anti-constitutional activities by ignoring the Fundamental Duties of being the Citizen of India as defined in the Article 51 (A) of the Constitution.

The Parishad in its letter wondered if the dress or costume of the teachers specially the Father-Sisters of Christian Missionaries run institutions was not exclusive religious? If the installation of idol of Jesus Christ and Mother Marry and the sign of Cross in the institutions was not exclusive religious practices?  The presences of churches inside the campus of educational institutions ruled by the Christian Missionaries; was not exclusive religious practices?

The letter further stated that by doing so the Christian Missionaries have allegedly violated Right to Equality (Article 14 of the Constitution of India), Right against Discrimination (Article 15), Right to personal liberty (Article 21) and that they have been  nullifying the secular values and morality of ‘Bharat’.

“…by ignoring & neglecting the celebration of “Saraswati Puja” in their educational institutions; rather by the celebration of Exclusive Christian religious festival like “Christmas” there; they have clearly proven their communal agenda in the name of educational services; and it also proved their anti-social & anti-Constitutional behavior as well. “Saraswati Puja” is not a religious practice in Bharat as like their Christmas; rather it represents the core values and belief of Bharat. “Saraswati Puja” is a core component of Bharatiya Philosophy, Culture and Social Life. This is to be mentioned here that; Educational Institutions have to teach the students upto “Class VIII” in their “mother or home languages” as per the “New Education Policy (NEP)”. But, this is very much unfortunate to get teachers working there who even cannot understand our mother language.

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If you need we can provide you video evidences. The NEP clearly says that the children must be provided the “Knowledge of Bharat”. But, here also there are teachers working with Christian Missionary Educational Institutions in Assam who even don’t know— “who is Srimanta Sankardeva; who is Lachit Borphukan; and even Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.” These are very pathetic and need to be addressed immediately for the sake of the proper execution of the New Education Policy and to provide handful knowledge of Bharat to our children. Lastly, but the least; are these Christian Missionary ruled educational institutions notified and recognized religious institutions as like “Islamic Madrassa”? If not, then how can they have been permitted to practice exclusive religious practices in their institutions; and what is the need of the “Church” and the Idol of Jesus Christ, Mary etc in the campus of their schools?…,” the letter read.

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