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Monday, October 2, 2023

HNLC expresses resentment over summoning of its leader

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SHILLONG, Sept 3: The proscribed Hynniewtrep National
Liberation Council (HNLC) has expressed its displeasure on
Sunday about the government’s decision to summon its
general secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw despite the ongoing
peace talks.
The outfit also demanded that the government drops all
charges against all its leaders and to immediately offer
general amnesty failing which it may have to withdraw from
the ongoing peace talks.
“The HNLC vehemently condemns the recent actions taken
by the government, specifically the notice publicly
summoning Saiñkupar Nongtraw, general secretary of HNLC,
to court amidst the ongoing formal talks,” HNLC said in a
It also said this is not the first instance where HNLC leaders,
including the chairman and the finance secretary of the
outfit, have been summoned during informal discussions.
“Such actions not only undermine our trust in the
government but also have the potential to hinder and disrupt
the efforts towards achieving a lasting resolution,” the
statement also said.
Stating that the HNLC remains committed to the peace
process and has actively engaged in negotiations with the
state government, the statement said, “However, we are
deeply concerned about the double standard exhibited by
the government.”

“The state government demanded my attendance at a
meeting with a strict deadline of September 30, while the
MHA, on the other hand, specifically targets all senior leaders
of HNLC to appear in person,” it further said.
The HNLC also emphasized that all leaders and cadres will not
come out openly unless and until its political demands are
met. It also urged the government to hold talks with the
delegation authorized by the HNLC central executive
committee and led by the vice chairman.
To ensure the success of the peace process, the HNLC said,
“We demand that the charges against HNLC leaders be
dropped and a general amnesty be offered. Without these
essential steps, our key leader will not actively participate in
the ongoing negotiations. While we have authorised the vice
chairman and their delegation to represent us in talks, the
lack of seriousness displayed by the government is becoming
increasingly evident. If this attitude persists, we will be left
with no option but to withdraw from the negotiations
“HNLC remains steadfast in its commitment to achieve lasting
peace and a political solution. We hope that the government
will reassess its actions and work collaboratively towards a
mutually agreeable solution,” it added.
On the other hand, the HNLC  said that practically, none of
the peace accords in Northeast India have materialized,
except for the Mizo Accord.
“Even the instrument of accession, which your government
forced upon our nation 76 years ago, has not been
implemented in letter and spirit. Additionally, the standstill

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agreement signed between the Indian government and
Federation of Khasi States was violated,” the HNLC said.
“Given these circumstances, can you expect us to trust your
government repeatedly? If your government demonstrates a
willingness to meet our political demand, which is similar to
the Indian government’s public stance on the division of
Jammu and Kashmir, then we would consider placing our
trust in your administration. On August 5, 2019, the Indian
parliament announced the abrogation of Article 370 in
Kashmir. After 86 days, on the midnight of October 31, 2019,
Kashmir was officially bifurcated. If your government shows
the same determination in dividing Meghalaya and declaring
Hynńiewtrep as a separate and equal state with a specific
timeline, just as they did with Kashmir, then we would be
more inclined to trust your governance,” the HNLC added.
In such a scenario, it said, “We would not require any
financial assistance or what you refer to as ‘rehabilitation
packages’ for the HNLC. The repeated singling out of HNLC
leaders through posted notices is deserving of strong
criticism. Nonetheless, we want to make it clear that we do
not fear oppressive laws or even death, and we will persist in
our fight without compromising our principles. Fear has
never been a part of our policy, and our political armed
struggle holds a significant place in the history of our
movement.” (NNN)

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